Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Still Spend Time Watching American Idol

I don't vote and rarely have any compassion for any contestants, but still for some reason American Idol wont let me out of its' grasps. Being a fan of music, as vague as that sounds, there is something about watching a show completely dedicated to singing, performing, and the music industry. Even if sometimes music is completely murdered.

Honestly though, it's fun to see what songs they pick, who is going to be the guest mentor (everyones joke database exploded when Miley Cyrus worked with the contestants) and to see who comes out as the winner.

Even if the show isn't for everyone, no one can deny the immense talent that the show has spawned; Clarkson and Underwood just to name a few. In all previous years there have been several people who could have pulled out the win, but not this year. As most people would agree, there is only one contestant who is worthy. Not only should Crystal Bowersox win, but she may be the most naturally talented person to ever grace the show.This fact has been obvious to me for awhile and watching the performances from last night confirmed it.

It was country week and Shania Twain had most of the contestants serving up big performances of some of her popular hits. Not to say that no one else on the show this year is talented, Michel Lynch has a powerful voice and at times Siobhan Magnus delivers interesting performances, though, Crystal is just on a whole other level. Her simplistic performance of "No One Needs To Know" (a song, I admit, I had never heard before) complete with a rockin' up right bass, was not the biggest hit with the judges, though I felt it let her shine more than other songs she had done in the last couple weeks. She needed American Idol to give her a platform, but as her performances show, she already looks like a professional.

Six contestants remain, but tonight will be the end for one of them. After last night it could almost be anyone who goes. Prediction: Casey James will be given the boot.

I'll quit my gushing, but just hurry up and call Crystal victorious. Even though it could be all my fault if she get kicked off...maybe I should start that whole voting business.

(Another performance I liked-but it could just be because what a good jam!)

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