Sunday, April 25, 2010

What's Hot: Thinking 'Bout Somethin'

Hanson. It goes without saying that I am a proud member of their fan base. Although, I am not a lifer like most of my comrades and will have to admit that I did hate MMMBOP throughout my elementary school days (yes, booing will ensue, or clapping based on what side of this debate you fall on).

Then came a glorious album we all like to call This Time Around and I was forever changed. Throughout the years the Hanson bros have married, had children and grown further seasoned in the music industry. Their sound has changed to reflect their growth in the world, and a talent as singers and songwriters have strengthened year after year.

The 2008 release, The Walk, was another great album to add to their discography, but it also showed the bands commitment to making the world better for all of us. They took on the United States and challenged others to walk one mile with them in cities across the country to help raise money and awareness needed to fight poverty and AIDS in Africa.

(My "trying to remain inconspicuous" picture of Taylor Hanson on The Walk: Seattle,WA)

On their stop in Seattle in July 2008 my friends and I took on that challenge along with hundreds of others and walked the streets of Seattle barefoot with the Hanson brethren leading the way megaphone toting and all.The best part of the experience, besides the humanitarian aspects, was catching local Seattleites off guard and having them yell things like "Hey, what, that's Hanson!" (For more information about the walk: Visit Here)

The new CD, Shout It Out, currently has a release date of June 8th, but to tide everyone over the band recently put out a new video for their single, "Thinking 'Bout Something' ".

Reasons to love this video: there is lots of dancing, cute kids, Hanson in suits and dancing, Taylor playing the piano, and lastly it fulfills my dream of wondering what taking part in a Hanson fan flash mob would look like. Plus check out that horn section!

Don't just disregard them as musicians based on what they were like when they were 13. Would you like it if people did that to you?


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