Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Movie Preview!

Wherever this year has gone I will never know! It's May already, which means that it's almost summer, and so begins a succession of BIG movies. Though, there are also several more low-key movies coming out to give people a wide spread selection to pick from this month.

It might just be me, but I'm not really enthused about too many things coming out. Well, except for something that makes me a stereotypical girl. Lets take a look!

Iron Man 2: May 7th

Everyone was already pumped for this sequel when Iron Man came out several years ago. The first film was incredibly entertaining, with Robert Downey Jr. delivering as he always does. Hilarious at times and full of explosions and plenty of fight sequences, the first film might be hard to beat, but I think people will definitely be checking this one out.

Babies: May 7th

People seem to think that it's crazy that this smaller movie is coming out the same day as Iron Man, how dare they! People need options, so this documentary couldn't have better timing. It follows the first year of life of four babies around the world and is obviously the perfect thing to come out over Mothers Day weekend. A simple idea for a movie, but when I first saw this preview all I thought was, "why couldn't I have thought of making that?" Following cute babies around seems like it would have been a fantastic way to spend a year. 

Robin Hood: May 14th

Normally movies of epic nature make me psyched to head to the movie theater, but for some reason I don't really have an opinion about this one. Maybe it's Russel Crowe, because I tend to love anything with Cate Blanchett. Opening the Cannes Film Festival on May 12th, Robin Hood is definitely getting a prestigious release. Robin Hood, for me, will always be an animated cheerful fox in tights who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. So at first glance of this preview, it suggests that there will definitely be different take on the classic tale. Once again it looks like Ridley Scott has pulled together an expansive production. We'll have to wait a couple more weeks to see what people think of the final results.

Letters To Juliet: May 14th

In the last couple of years it seems that whenever there is a movie that is a bit more targeted to males that there will be a direct opposite movie released at the same time. Case in point; Letters To Juliet coming out the same weekend as Robin Hood. Judging just by the preview, this is something I would call a rent it. I might have been more intrigued to see this movie had they not put the entire plot into the trailer-I am getting really annoyed by this. Even though I like Amanda Seyfried this really isn't my favorite kind of movie, but I am a girl after-all and can be tricked into watching movies of all kinds. (Side Note: I did see The Last Song in the theater...and ended up kind of liking it. So let my creditability be shot all to hell.)

Shrek Forever After: May 21st

You know you have completely exhausted a franchise when clever puns are concocted to cover up the fact that this is the fourth movie in a series (see also: Step Up 3D, because we need another one of those). One clear thing (to anyone who knows me) might get me to rent, I say rent, this movie: one large, orange kitty voiced by Antonio Banderas. Gets me every time.

Sex and The City 2: May 27th

Yes, this is the movie of May for moi. The trailer doesn't really give me high hopes for anything mind blowing, but as far as I can tell it has everything I want anyway; clothes, John Corbett, the ladies, and Liza Minnelli dancing and singing. Judging by going to see the first movie at a Midnight showing, it will be an experience all on it's own to check out with friends. Should be a good ole time.

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