Wednesday, October 20, 2010


For every season there is a movie, and Halloween is no exception. The celebration of All Hallows Eve has always been big in my life. No matter how old I get I think I will still get jazzed up about thinking of the perfect costume, candy, and all things that go bump in the night.

Where terrifying, excessively gory slasher movies are not for this gal, I still keep plenty of creepy and fun classics in my back pocket to watch during this time of the year. We still have over a week to consume all of these, so get to watchin'!

My suggestions for movies that should not be missed this Halloween!

The Monster Squad

This is what happens when you grow up around boys; my sense of humor resembles that of a thirteen-year-old. Immature? Yes. Still, possibly one of the greatest film quotes in cinematic history? Definitely.

The Monster Squad is the ultimate Halloween movie. If you have not seen this, please, get it now.

Because this movie was such an integral part of my childhood, logically it should fade in its utter awesomeness, but it actually has only gotten funnier as time has gone on. What is not to enjoy about a bunch of kids hunting every monster you can think of and saving the planet at the same time? Nothing.


Growing up around my dad, who owns every Stephen King book in existence, it makes sense that I would enjoy the only King movie adaptation that is any good.

It has everything that makes for a classic scary movie; bullies, a terrifyingly religious zealot of a mother (a performance that gave me nightmares), and as much pig blood as you can stand.

Also, to be honest, this is probably the only actual "good movie" (by critical standards, not mine) that I will suggest.

P.S. Don't miss John Travolta in his first movie role. That hair!

Teen Witch

Teen Witch is by no means scary, but it is still a must watch for any time of year.

When a girl discovers that she is a witch, she turns her hum-drum life into basically every girls dream; a 90-minute 80's music video. Magic like the clip above happens (I use any excuse to insert that clip into my life) in almost every minute of the movie. Why is everyone rapping and dancing? I don't know, and quite frankly, I don't care.

The Lost Boys

(side note: why are movie trailers not epic like this anymore?)

There is a pattern in the monster movies I love; I am trapped in the 80s. This era was obviously the prime of producing high quality movies.

All I have to say about The Lost Boys: Cory Feldman, Cory Haim (RIP), and Kiefer Sutherland as a scary ass vampire leader in Southern California. Awesome.

Hocus Pocus

When I realized that was Sarah Jessica Parker years later, it made me love Hocus Pocus even more than I already did.

This is often noted as a horrible movie, but I just can't let this masterpiece out of my life. Talking cats? Bette Midler? Teenage hyjinks? All of my favorite things.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Before Clueless, the TV show of the same name, and Hilary Swank won two Oscars, there was this 90's take on a Vally Girl whose destiny was to kill vampires.

Also noted as a horrible movie, especially by those who love the TV series (that I am also finding fun and fitting to watch this month), this was a sleepover must have among my friends circa 1999. A hilarious script makes for endlessly great quotes. It isn't all campy though because it is, when you get right down to it, a vampire movie, so there is some blood and killing.

Mostly though, it's real funny.

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