Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Couldn't Have Said It Better

The People Magazine, Sexiest Men In Existence issue came out this week, and everyone is in pure mania!

Sure Ryan Reynolds, who is the cover boy, is great and I'm not in a panic about it or anything, but I just always feel like People is about a year behind on everything. Honestly, I thought this had Jon Hamm written all over it (yes, I actually had thought about who would be a part of this list before the magazine came out).

This is all beside the point. People magazine definitely knows how to pick out some hot men, but it's always the same guy. Michelle Collins, over at Best Week Ever, compiled a list of what she calls, "The Smart Girl's Guide To The Sexiest Men Alive".

I love a good list, and this is an applaud worthy one. Not only was this nearly exact list in my brain (there are exceptions...I just can't sign up for Alton Brown), but if this was in a magazine I would get out there and buy a copy right now.

However I have a couple additions (just because I like any reason to mention them):

Lee Pace

Jason Sudeikis

Kyle Chandler


  1. AHHHH I love the BWE blog, and that list is perfect. As are your picks (obviously)!

  2. There were others I wanted to include (such as Mark Ruffalo, Anderson Copper), but then I got perplexed; are these men that everyone would already openly declare as hotties? I thought, maybe.

    As you can see, it was a really difficult process.


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