Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just Because...Coco and Leavenworth!

One of the comedy loves of my life, Conan O'Brien, is going to be back on television tomorrow night! His first show since leaving The Tonight Show in January will debut on TBS at 11:00 PM. That is little past my bedtime as of now, but I'll always stay up to welcome back Coco.

This is even more true since I read a rumor this afternoon that his first guest may involve everyone's favorite Bavarian themed hot spot; Leavenworth, WA. According to Entertainment Weekly, Conan's first guest may be Arlene Wagner, who is the owner of the Nutcracker museum in Leavenworth. True or not, this hilariously random story made my day. It is not often that the national media gives direct attention to a place so close to everyones heart in this great state. Oh, memories of the hat shop, polka music playing throughout the streets, and gingerbread cookies. Mmm...

Everyone will have to tune in to TBS tomorrow night to see what happens!

Speaking of how darn great Washington is; it was a glorious day today! Fall is fading so I headed down memory lane and trekked over to my elementary school to snap some fall spectacular photos before it all faded into dreary winter.

One of my favorite things about a walk: catching random people in my neighborhood doing hilarious things. In one of these shots I was trying desperately hard to catch two people patrolling the park with metal detectors. Yes, people still have those. Alas, I failed to capture this on film. You'll just have to believe me about how
amusing this was. All the power to them and I hope they find some buried treasure.

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