Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Make 'Em Laugh!

Continuing a tradition of taking cues from classic Broadway/Hollywood musicals, last night Glee featured one of my (and many people I presume) favorite production numbers.

Mr Shue., with a little help from dancing man Mike Chang, busted out (a la fever induced dream sequence) "Make Em Laugh"  from Singin' In The Rain.


When scenes like this happen, I am reminded as to why I love this show.

Now this was glorious, but most importantly I was reminded of another incredible performance of this number on a different show. Remember when Joseph Gordon-Levitt performed this LIVE on stage when he hosted SNL a year ago? If you don't, here is a refresher.

(Copyright infringement means that this clip has been removed from YouTube, but I did find it on a random other website. Click here for some enjoyment.)

Coincidentally, I had been craving for a little Singin' lately and assumed it would come up on my Best Picture trek. You know what happens when you assume things, and I did, I made an ass out of myself!

In a travesty of all sorts, Singin' In The Rain wasn't even nominated for Best Picture and was only up for several acting awards. What year do you ask? Well actually in 1952, which is exactly the awards year I just breezed past. This new startling fact makes me further question why The Greatest Show On Earth won that year. What were people thinking?

I think Pat Graham, a movie critic for the Chicago Reader, sums it up best; "It won best-picture Oscar for 1952, but God (De Mille's favorite walk-on, strangely absent here) only knows why."

Sometimes the masses will pick the better movie, and that is why it ends up that the Oscars sometimes have no idea what they are talking about.

I'll pick Gene Kelly over most things any day.

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  1. That scene was SO GOOD (Mike Chang!), but Umbrella/Singin' was pretty much an abomination- what WAS that?


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