Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pee Yooutiful, That's Rotten!

If there is a movie released that looks interesting and/or entertaining, there can be nothing put in the way to stop me from venturing to the theater. Dear John? Totally there! Burlesque? Oh, so there, and will see it again!

What critics say, other than entertainment value, means nothing to film watching devotees. Although, I treat the accumulation of critic results on (the website) Rotten Tomatoes as if I had birthed the opinions myself, so whenever I stumble upon a "rotten rating" of 10% or below, my interest is peaked. Will it stop me from seeing something? No, and I might run out of the house even quicker to check it out.

This weeks true stinker is to no surprise to anyone that has seen the trailer; Nicholas Cage's latest wreck, The Season Of The Witch. With a 1% rotten rating and comments from Peter Traver's (from Rolling Stone) that reads like poetry, ( "Season of the Witch is as bloodless as a starved vampire. Instead of a review, it deserves a stake in the heart.") there are many ready to throw this into the fire as the worst movie of 2011. Come on people, we are one week in, there is plenty of time for more crap to come out.

Cage, I have nothing against you, in fact many past movies are in my favorites of all time, but the succession of sadly terrible movies (National Treasure 2, is ultimately made great by Helen Mirren), needs to end.

In order to shake these terrors out of our memory, I present: Nicholas Cage In, The Glorious Days Of Yore.

Matchstick Men

Nicholas Cage playing a conman who also has several OCD issues, is one of the most memorable performances from his career in recent years. This character at times is hilarious, and makes much of the movie. Very much worth it to watch if you haven't, and with all the twists and turns of the plot it is continually entertaining. Rewatching this movie recently also made me upset that the equally fabulous Alison Lohman and Sam Rockwell have kind of dropped off the planet.

Raising Arizona

Everyone loves the classic chase scene, but this movie as a whole is my favorite film by the Coen Brothers. This zany story about a couple (Cage and Hunter) who want a baby, and end up doing anything to get one, is hilarious, and will never get old.

Peggy Sue Got Married

If anything, it is definitely apparent, that action movies do not top my list. Otherwise, this list wouldn't look so girly and would read like; "oh shit, loved Face Off, Con Air, and Snake Eyes."

Well, Peggy Sue Got Married is still a fun movie, even if it doesn't feature con men on an out of control airplane. Actually, introduced to me in a film class, this fantasy story deals with a woman (Kathleen Turner) who is unhappy with how her life turned out with her high school love (Nicholas Cage) and gets to relive her high school days and make some changes to her life.


Years after the hubbub at the Oscars, I finally sat down and watched Adaptation. Even though, as a whole it is not my favorite movie, it is entirely worth it to watch Meryl Streep high on some plant and Nicholas Cage struggle with writers block in an impressive and hilarious performance.

Cage plays twins (Charlie and Donald Kaufman) and the crap that comes out of Donald's mouth whenever he speaks is priceless. There is really nothing else like this complex comedy.

Valley Girl

Thanks to Netflix instant viewing, I finally caught Valley Girl after years of anticipation. One of the most referenced movies in pop culture (especially when referring to the 1980s), it may not be Oscar worthy, but you kind of get a Cage crush after the movie ends. Plus, it's a total 80's time warp, has an amazing soundtrack, and it will make you wish that worthwhile teen comedies came out all the time. 


Cher and Cage! Great movie couple that defines the word cute. Romantic drama/comedies, or whatever they are called, are often ignored by me, but this one, with it's modern take on an old fashioned romance movie, gets me every time.

Also, points for sassy Olympia Dukakkis.

(I did hear that this year Kick Ass was great, but I still have to confirm that for myself)


  1. I can't wait to see season of the witch!!! Have you seen wickerman?? NOT THE BEES!

    PS i'm working at starbucks in magnolia!

  2. I wish I had seen his version of Wickerman, only seen the one from the 70's.

    And hope you like your new job!


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