Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ode To A Dame

Today the world lost a giant chunk of glamour as Elizabeth Taylor rode off into the sunset (I imagine her riding side saddle with James Dean leading the way).

Not only could Taylor be regarded as the most beautiful woman who has ever lived, but when I (and most people could attest to this) think of "Hollywood Legends", her face has always been the first to pop into my head. As these actors/actresses get older, and more continue to leave us, the sense of that old fashioned Hollywood elegance is sadly fading away.

Tributes are blazing all over the internet, and this day couldn't end without me throwing Taylor a farewell post.

Taylor, with two Oscar wins, has many memorable film performances. Trying to pick a favorite proves difficult as Giant always comes to mind first, or the high level of amazing lunacy in Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf. Although, only one film of hers has been enjoyed by me for twenty years; the 1949 adaptation of Little Women, with Taylor cast as stubborn Amy March. 

Many versions of Little Women have been done over the years, but the utter bitchiness Taylor captures as stuck-up Amy is hilarious, and nearly steals the entire film away from the spunky June Allyson (who played Jo) and dreamboat Peter Lawford (as Laurie).

Finding this original 1949 trailer was an exciting throwback, though, to really get the gist of Taylor in the film you should watch it soon in her honor. I'll definitely be popping my VHS copy of this in during the weekend, and then probably rent Suddenly Last Summer. How have I NOT seen that?

Besides honoring Taylor's film work, Vanity Fair has a collection of classic  photos that is definitely worth a look. So much class! Elizabeth Taylor will be admired forever.

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