Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Buffet

Some days my excitement for life spills over into a Smörgåsbord of topics that need to be addressed. I can't share just one, so it must all be released in one extravaganza. Today is one of those days.

Oprah's last day. Crafting projects. Spring. This has been a busy week,  and it's only half way through! Here are just some of the things I have been enjoying lately:

Putting the final nail in another craft project.
 (A pair of baby size Mary Jane's as a gift for my new cousin)

Simple pattern for beginners (like me!) and easy to jazz up with pinches of  your own creative genius. Crochet flowers are a blast to make y'all.

"One Last Ugly Cry": A Letter To Oprah

Oprah! Her 25 years on television is longer than my whole life. Literally, I have no idea what the world looked like without Oprah in a magazine, a newspaper, or on a TV screen in my living room. 

Without getting weepy and cheesy, I do owe a tip of my metaphysical top hat to Oprah-watching as a little girl, to now as an adult, she got me hooked on hearing other peoples stories. Simple really, but part of this curiosity and compassion branched into my desire to become a journalist. Oh, and Oprah, I'll always take a job working for you.

This may be her last syndicated moment on television, but she's not going anywhere-didn't you hear, she's Oprah!

Something that truly makes me shed a single tear; no more of Oprah putting her heart and soul into audience participation during musical performances! At 1:10, she really digs her some A.J.

Backyard Spring Flowers

Glee Rebound

Somehow pure enthusiasm, that only a show choir can evoke, was able to transform a forgettable Madonna songs into a rousing NYC production number-that is the magic touch. Also, a Bella Notte serenade and Wicked, yes please!

How did this season turn out to be so excellent in the end? That huge chunk in the middle was giving me serious doubts, and now I wonder-should Glee just be a mini-series? When it's good, it's amazing television, now they just need to figure out how to stretch this excellence into every story, and each episode throughout an entire season. Can they do it? This is still to be seen, but after last night, they are not losing a fan.

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