Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday Buffet: Summer Blitz

America turned the ripe age of 235 this week and it's officially summer in the Northwest! Here are a few fantastic things to kick off the season right.

Party Down

Even with the sun shining outside, for a little down time, nothing is better than some hilarious tv. Since the evil villains at Netflix stole Veronica Mars from under my nose, just as I was really getting addicted, this week had me reaching out for a new show.

What I found was Party Down, a show that I had already enjoyed once through, but has connections to Veronica Mars, and could possibly sooth my pangs of abandonment.

Both shows were created by the same dude, and feature a ton of the same cast, especially as cameo roles at the various Party Down catering events.

Another series that is only appreciated after being canceled, Party Down's fan base seems to be growing larger and larger every day. Definitely because, it rocks, and who doesn't want to party with The Gutte?

Happy Birthday America: Parades, Fireworks, and Sun

Summer Jams:

Sometimes the best part of summer is just laying outside listening to music. Also, Alex P. Keaton, Fun Dip, and Cherry Coke.

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