Friday, August 19, 2011

Heat Wave Flicks: A League Of Their Own

Perusing and grooving through EW's 100 Greatest Summer songs countdown, while outside under a clear blue sky, has made for quite the little afternoon.

Tons of folks out there would definitely agree with me that there is nothing better than summery feeling entertainment. Anything that puts us in the mindset of baking in the sun, long endless nights, and slip-n-slides will always be speaking my language.

Last year around this time, I compiled several ranting lists glorifying some of the best summer themed movies. It is impossible to fit everything onto one list, and have meant to produce follow up posts with the classics I left out.

I will seize the opportunity now and keep that summer vibe going for as long as humanly possible. It's only getting a little close to the end of August, let's soak it up while it's still here!

First up, a classic summer activity has never looked better, even though they play like a bunch of girls.

(Stillwell, Angel!)

Baseball. Hanks. Madonna.

If these three words were the only things you could name about America, I'd say you were doing a darn good job.

There is something about this season, maybe with the influence of our Independence Day happening in July, that makes the most crave worthy summer movies always revolve around America! and the best our country has to offer.

That is why A League Of Their Own continues to hit it out of the park (whoa somebody stop these terrible puns).

Baseball is America's sport, and when the men got shipped away to fight during WWII, some rockin' ladies stepped out of the kitchen, put a crack in the glass ceiling, and ran out in the field to fill that void. With that, The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League was born.

Based on the stories of these real women, the comradery created between all the female characters (and one Hanks), is what makes this movie something enjoyable to see a million times.

This film alone produced several of my all time favorite scenes in moving picture history (one, as seen above), and anytime it is found on cable,  I can't resist catching a couple moments with The Rockford Peaches, and absorbing the brilliant comic pairing of Rosie O'Donnell and Madonna.

From dancing at a road house called The Sudsbucket, to attending etiquette classes and teaching one of the girls how to read via an "off-color" novel, to finally winning over our weary country with their athletic skills; yes, these ladies know how to play ball.

It's an inspiring movie and it's a straight up hilarious movie. At once, after the credits roll, you will want to hop up and make your way to the nearest baseball diamond in order to try and hit a ball, so the bat makes that nice clear crack. This sound radiates clearly through the air, and is a sound that, when distinctly heard off in the distance, signals the beginning of summer.

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