Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wednesday (Thursday) Buffet

Just for a moment, lets live like it is not the day before Friday, but really half way through the week-Wednesday. Blogger was having its malfunctions yesterday, so I gave up on trying to produce anything, until now. 

With some days off from work, and two, count 'em, two different excursions to Seattle/Tacoma, these last five days have been jam packed with activities.

Like always though, in between there is room for some excellent trash playing on the tube and reliving those younger years through siphoning tunes from 1998 off (the truly addicting ) Spotify. Lets hit it!

Dance Moms

I do declare, I have never seen such crazed parents in my life, and that is saying a lot, with all those Housewives blazing up the screen.

Yes, judge all you want, because every second I catch myself watching this show, about Miss Patty's not-so-happy twin sister, I wonder why. Although, important programming note to support this lunacy, the kids featured on this show are insanely talented.

AUG-9-2011 Point Defiance Zoo: Tacoma, WA

Total Request

Summer 1998-in between the beach, pool, and friends, this three month break before 6th grade was all about Total Request Life. There are vivid memories of literally running inside on a sunny day to catch the show, which is nuts.

Reaffirm your crush on Carson Daly, do some stretches in preparation for learning those choreographed dance routines, and join me for a throwback Top 10 countdown, when the words "Jersey Shore" meant a summer at the MTV Beach house.

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