Thursday, September 29, 2011

What's Old-Is New Again

Running home to catch Saved By The Bell, TRL, and California Dreams is always the ultimate reward after a hard day at school-at least that was true for the teens from my day and age.

Over the last month I have discovered the equivalent to my parents heyday-much cooler and way spookier than the dramas of Bayside, my folks, like many others, rushed home everyday to watch the first (and only?) Gothic Soap Opera; Dark Shadows.

[fun with shadows]
Recommended on Netflix, and instantly drawn to the premise, I am now lost forever to the tales of the Collins brood.

While the shows production value definitely reveals its age of over forty years in the depths of television history, the fact that it can still send out a eerie vibe is impressive.

The series delves into the dramas surrounding the Collins family and their lives in a fantastic sprawling mansion. Did I mention there are vampires and other B-Movie monsters involved? That's kind of important.

Only about 15 episodes in, there is still a lot to discover, as each twenty minute episode only slowly (much too slow sometimes) reveals the plot, and it is thickening all the time.

Ultimately the show seems to be signified in the awesomeness that is Baranabus Collins.

Barnabus (now in the lead on my list for future Dog names) is a distant cousin of the family, who also happens to be a vampire.

After years of being locked in the family crypt he escapes and begins schmoozing back in with the family, under the ruse that he is a distant cousin...that you know, isn't already dead. Or is it undead?

Anyone looking to enjoy a throwback to a simpler time, will be thrilled with this campy, and actually creepy, show. Like I said before, it is VERY slow at first, but each episode gets more exciting and a little chilling. Most of the actors are laughable, but that just makes it more fun to watch.

Even more relevant, and another reason to check this out, is that Tim Burton is currently shooting a feature film version of the show with, of course, Depp in the lead as Barnabus.

As much as I have scoffed Burton for his recent incessant remakes, and pleaded that he needs to make something original, I feel like this is right up his alley, and the most fitting project he has done in years (Sweeny Todd is the one exception).

It appears that television has always been transfixed with monsters and supernatural beings walking among us, even before True Blood, Twilight and The Vampire Diaries (did I just mention those last two?)

As we move further into fall, October is approaching, and Dark Shadows proves to be a perfect show for this bewitching season.

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