Saturday, January 14, 2012

In The Know: Golden Globes Edition

Awards season has sure snuck up out of nowhere and egads! The Golden Globes are tomorrow night!

Feeling a little lost in the shuffle? Want to be in the know about the top contenders in film and television all before the ceremony tomorrow night? No problem, there is still time. 

Unlike years before, tons of the nominated films are already out on video, which is fantastic, or nearly all the rest are still playing at a theater near you (except my exasperation over The Artist; where are you playing?)

On the television side, wither it be Netflix, On Demand, Hulu, or other means of the internet (I'll leave that up to your interpretation...), numerous nominated shows can be at your fingertips during the next 24 hours.

Snow is allegedly heading my way, and with that crisp chill in the air, settling in to some of these is a no brainer.

In no time, you'll be an expert, and be able to differentiate each one of the folks that stumble up on to that stage tomorrow night. No longer will you feel the need to exclaim-who is that?

Lets check out some possibilities that seem to have the best chance at walking away as winners.

Channel Surf



Only two episodes in and Homeland has got me hooked.

Intense drama is already unfolding, as the show kicks off circling around CIA agents (one played by Claire Danes) and the discovery of a presumed dead marine.

Allegedly, he was being held captive as a prisoner in Iraq, but Danes' character is instantly suspicious. After being locked up for eight years, does this marines allegiance no longer lie with the great USA?

This new edition to Showtime's line-up is already a buzz with tons of nominations. I probably would have finished Homeland's first season by now, but it was important that I finally spent time finishing the latest mind-blowing season of Dexter.

The Hollywood Foreign Press loves to honor new shows, so expect Homeland to walk away with each of the categories it is nominated in.

See also: Breaking Bad  -  New Girl  -  American Horror Story  -  Enlightened  -  Modern Family

Rent It


Many of the movies available to rent that are nominees this awards season I have previously discussed to great end, specifically in my wrap up of the year. 

There is one movie I thoroughly enjoyed in the fall, but never mentioned. That is why I want to say, better late than never, that Moneyball should be at the top of your must see list.

Sports movies aren't for everyone, but they could be. What makes Moneyball and the best sports movies so great, is that the baseball diamond, basketball court, or football field purely becomes the backdrop to tell an excellent story.

In this case, the movie is just as much about a man and his struggles to succeed with his family and at his job as it is about the Oakland A's.

See also:  The Help  -  The Ides of March  -  Crazy, Stupid Love  -  Midnight in Paris  -  Bridesmaids

Go To The Theater

War Horse


Currently in the top 10 at the box office with a 77% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, an epic scale, and a director like Steven Spielberg, all seem like fantastic reasons to head out and see War Horse pronto.

Having not seen it myself, I can't attest to its greatness, however out of all the movies still playing in the theater that are up for Best Picture tomorrow night, this could be the one to please and interest the widest audience.

If you can find The Artist in your city, for my sake, check out both.

See also: The Artist  -  Hugo  -  We Need To Talk About Kevin  -  Carnage  -  The Descendants  -  The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

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