Sunday, March 4, 2012

Living The Dream

Some of us watch Sesame Street, and one of us grew up to be a red fluffy monster on Sesame Street.

Watching the documentary Being Elmo over the weekend, I couldn't help but be completely swept up in the life of Kevin Clash; a man who rose from an amateur puppeteer, to being the arm and talent behind one of the world's most beloved characters-none other than Elmo.

His story is funny and fascinating at first, especially in seeing how young Clash's passion began. He even constructed an incredible Monkey puppet out of his dads coats as a child!

Then we get to the box-of-tissues weep worthy fest that is Elmo's almighty effect on the people of the world. He's a puppet, yet even I would lose my mind if Elmo glided into a room, and I'll probably be crying all week about the images of sick children cuddling with Elmo.

What is so magnetic about a single puppet? "He is love", as Clash so effortlessly puts it.

Clash is a true story of success. Sure, he is financially successful, but more critical, he achieved his most desired dream. Being inspired by the life of Clash, led to the procurement of a little list-one made up of movies involving characters who also set out in their life to grab hold of their ultimate dream profession, and life.

There may be other professions other than writing , but this lady writer can't see past that, so here is a somewhat biased list, yet inspiring none the less. For all you writers out there, this one is for you.

One aspiring writer and a town of under appreciated maids in the south end up assisting  each other in seeking out one goal; being heard. They whole hardheartedly succeed in a time and place that every day told them they couldn't.

Beatrix Potter went against her time and place in society (and some people thinking she was a little nutty) to paint and create a timeless world which continues to charm children, and will for the ages.


Another lady, Jane Austen, fought to pursue her passion for storytelling in a field dominated by men, and in a world that just wanted her to settle down. Well, F that, she said (possibly more proper than that), and created most ladies ideal for a classic romance.

Playwright and author Lillian Hellman crafted a story true to life portraying her troubles and eventual success in the writing world. The film, based on the short story, eventually spins off into a mysterious tale of a friendship struggling through a dangerous situation in Nazi Germany, though, it is this circumstance where Hellman forms one of her most memorable pieces of writing.

JM Barry would have done just fine and survived comfortably with his initial success as a playwright. People always liked his work, but he wanted to craft something better. He is only a legend because of befriending and becoming inspired by one family, and will always be remembered for a boy who didn't want to grow up and a place called Neverland. 


Julie, a writer seeking inspiration, looks to the story of one aspiring chef; Julia Child. Their tale bridges time and countries, but their struggles and objectives are the same, and they both end up getting what they really desire.

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