Thursday, April 26, 2012

Listing: If Forced To Answer

Every week Rotten Tomatoes interviews a new victim who must dish out their Top Five Favorite Movies. (The man of Top 5 lists is up this week. Destiny! Couldn't have timed it better).

I say victim, because who could imagine a more treacherous task!

To any extreme cinemaholic a Top 5 List can be procured at the drop of a hat; favorite movies to watch while you are sprawled on the couch sick as a dog, favorite movies you watch just to mock, Top 5 movies for checking out some eye-candy (am I right ladies?), to name a few.

Though it seems merely impossible to come up with a straight up Favorite Movies Of All Time list. There are just so many details to consider and it should not be taken lightly.

It had to be done, and after evaluating favorite actors, stories I couldn't live without, and general love and admiration, the following list would be how I would answer if Rotten Tomatoes ever came calling.

1) Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

No matter how many times I see it, or will continue to see it in my life, this movie never ceases to amaze me;  from the fantastic pairing of Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey, to the visual extravaganza in every scene, to the Jon Brion score, and the out of this world story that becomes utterly romantic. There is no other movie like this one. Meet me in Montauk...

2) Harold and Maude

Once forced on me by my parents, and now a treasure all my own. Essential to my top admired movies is a glorious soundtrack, and this one could be king, with a film set completely to the, now classics, of Cat Stevens. The end signifies it as a masterpiece.

3) Edward Scissorhands

Hot Topic can't take this one away from me. Storytelling and visuals that are completely unique make this Tim Burton at his best. Funny, strange (in a good way), with lots of heart, and a sprawling Danny Elfman score has kept this one at the top of my list for as long as I can remember.

4) Mermaids

Take two for Winona, which should be no surprise for anyone keeping tabs on my interests.

As much as there were other more epic/classic selections that could have been included on my list, this is one of those smaller movies I just can't deny. Cher and Jake Ryan in the same movie? Yeah, it's that good. My mom and I have watched it a million times and, simply, it makes me happy. (As will this special bonus music video-it just blew my mind!)

5) Almost Famous

This movie explains why I'm leaving home to become a many others would attest.

What's better than a movie chronicling, arguably, the greatest time in rock music? Watching Stillwater and their band-aid's travel across the country ignites in all of us that sense of freedom and desire to seek out adventure.  It also helps that Cameron Crowe compiled one hell of  a soundtrack.

Apparently I'm a sucker for unconventional love stories. Just caught that. So, if forced to answer, what five movies would come out of your mouth?

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