Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Listing: Want To Be Just Like...

Academy Awards bonanza is still going strong, but it's time to switch things up after a long break from writing anything but Best Picture commentary.

Around these parts, there has always been a lot of list compiling, due to an all time favorite movie of mine (Top 5 Reasons To Covet John Cusack), and really, who doesn't love a good compilation of things from a common theme?

Inspired by catching part of a certain Disney movie on cable, here is this weeks list:

Top 5 Idolized Characters From Childhood (and still today...)


Adored For... - Mastering reading while walking - Friends with a tea-cup - Dreaming of adventure - Castle library - Golden Ball Gown - Power to withstand advances from creepy dudes -

Jo March

Adored For... Standing by her family while seeking out her passions - Her fancy writing cap - Not settling for anything except what she truly wants - Sense of adventure - Bold, brassy, bashing about attitude -

Sonora Webster

Admired For... Jumping off structures atop a horse, into a pool of water, all while being blind - Sassiness - Wild sense of adventure - Marrying Jake Ryan -

Samantha Albertson

Admired For... her passion for writing - doing a séance - the McGiver type communication system (involving tin can phone, flashlights, and walkie talkies) between friends - diving into a storm vent and nearly dying to save a BFF bracelet -

Rose Calvert/ Dawson, etc.

Adored For... - Being a bold, smart lady for young girls to admire who were yet to be distracted by 90's Leo - Glorious dresses - Show stopping hats - Accomplishing her wildest dreams - "I'd rather be his whore than your wife" (Nailed it!) - Spitting/drinking/riding like a man AND being classy -

Honorable mentions: Any of the other girls from Now & Then, Matilda Wormwood, Pollyanna, and Gold hunters Beth and Jody.

Sensing a definite theme going on here; even when I was younger the ballsy, pushing against stereotypes, artsy, adventure bound, impassioned characters always got my attention.

Anyone else have some fantastic characters you used to/still idolize?

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