Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Listing: Shuffle It

[Bon Iver - Sasquatch Music Festival 2012]

You can tell a lot about someone based on their music collection; what we like tends to become a part of us.

As a lover of tunes, I could talk about it all day, and picking up tidbits about other peoples music taste is a favorite pass time. No judgements made, personal interests are simply fascinating.

Anyone who keeps their music player/CD collection as an open book is a winner. There is no embarrassment about always keeping a soft spot for The BSB, or knowing every word to that Katy Perry hit, or even idolizing Celine - authenticity, and not just trying to be hip, is always where it's at.

Over at The AV Club, they have the ultimate game of musical discovery: place your Ipod on shuffle and let the magic happen-there is no hiding secretly loved songs on Shuffle mode.

They welcomed Jon Hamm to pull out his Ipod, place it on shuffle, and let the music fly, and in the name of fun, I ended up playing my own game of tune roulette.

22.61 GB - 13 Days - 4969 songs (and that's just what's on my computer) on shuffle and the first 20 songs  played came out looking like this:

1) Don't You Evah - Spoon

Bumbershoot 2007 (David Cross' ass/doing an interpretive dance) - Front Row Sasquatch 2008 (right before the Beastie Boys)

2) Down Low - Teddy Thompson

Saw him as an opening act for Rufus Wainwright. Sweetest, country twangy voice.

3) My Baby - Britney Spears

Can't say I have ever listened to this song all the way through. Most definitely have for the rest of that Circus album...

4) Polar Nettles - Neko Case

Female voice for the ages.

5) The Long Day Is Over - Norah Jones

Was definitely all about this album when it first came out. Not so much anymore. Probably kicked off my love for all those folksy lady singers.

6) Family Waltz - Sondre Lerche

Dan In Real Life Soundtrack - fantastic. 

7) Hymn To The Sea - James Horner

Titanic! The bagpipes! Gets me every time.

8) The Plains/Bitter Dancer - Fleet Foxes

Robin Pecknold's haunting, near chanting voice, and gorgeous, bold orchestrations are always worth listening to.

9) The Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin

Forever Viking Kitties

10) Calgary - Bon Iver


11) Once Around The Block - Badly Drawn Boy


12) Holy, Holy, Holy - Sufjan Stevens

Always forget to uncheck Christmas music on the off season, but his five disc collection is welcome any time of year.

13) Please Please Please - Fiona Apple

Extraordinary Machine is an all time favorite album.

14) Emerald City - United State Of Electronica

Seattle anthem and one of the funnest bands to see live. Party people! 

15) Hey - Hanson 

No secret. Hanson love for life.

16) Colorblind - Counting Crowes

In times of being Moody/sad, this could be my anthem. That opening piano already had me shedding a tear. Plus, it's on the Cruel Intentions Soundtrack.

17) Love You Till The End - The Pogues

Accents with an unforgettable melody makes for a classic jam.

18)  The Happy Birthday - Andrew Bird

Incredible violin players, make me wish I played violin in a band. 

19) Numb/Encore - Jay Z/Linkin Park

Oh man, the good old days when Hybrid Theory didn't leave my CD player for an entire summer, and Carson Daly started wearing black nail polish on TRL.

The ultimate mash-up album, before Glee popularized the term mash-up, leading to even my brother inventing mash ups.  

20) Damn, Sam (I Love A Woman That Rains) - Ryan Adams

Could listen to him sing anything.

This list was pretty tame, nothing embarrassing even played! I can't wait to see what other random playlist I can concoct.  Now, go and try it for yourself!

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