Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekly Buffet: Guilty Pleasures

Over the last couple weeks many things have been running through my head about likes and dislikes, and things we love, but may only quietly support in the solitude of our bedrooms. Why must we hide anything that adds a little enjoyment to each of our lives?

Since I'm in the mood for sharing, I've compiled some guilty pleasures that are hitting me this week. Two are quite topical, and the third may seem like old news, but it's a goodie. Also, it has ties to a certain rather cool wedding that happened over the weekend. Find the connection!


Carly Rae Jepsen - This Kiss

I'll be the first to admit that I thought this girl was the a-typical one hit wonder.

Those of us lucky ones that live close to the Canadian border get their bitchin' radio stations (ZED, R.I.P) and her song, "Call Me Maybe", had been playing in Canada for what seems like a pain-staking year prior to hitting in the US.

I hated it. Every time the song played while I was attempting to dance and cook at the same time, which was often, I quickly cranked the radio in my kitchen off. I thought; how can I create a meal to that racket?

Rarely do popular Canadian jams cross over to the US, but when it did, you may have heard, it hit big. I still avoided it, but then Jimmy Fallon and The Roots jammed with Jepsen, and I just couldn't ignore the official song of the summer for 2012 anymore. It was fun, sorta dumb, but man was it catchy.

When the summer here in the States came to a close, it seemed like she had officially played out her five minutes of fame, until about two weeks ago on Ellen when she debuted her new song.

The lyrics of "This Kiss", much like "Maybe" are down right typical pop fair, but it reached guilty pleasure status once I laid an ear on that glorious keyboard accompaniment and was instantly bopping around my living room with Jepsen stuck in my head.

Carly and this song belong on a mall tour from 1987. People normally associate that with being negative, but that's high praise coming from me, because, God I wish they still had those so I could attend one! Such a kicky song, and I can't deny. We all need a little fun sometimes.

The X-Factor 

Somewhere in between obsessing about Walt and Jesse, Ad agencies, Mouserat, and TGS, a little space was freed up for the resurgence of Mr. Simon Cowell.

Talent competition shows used to be critical to my weekly television viewing schedule, but they just don't do it for me like they used to. With this fact alone, The X-Factor verges on guilty pleasure status. 

I don't want to admit that a singing competition has won me over once again. My devotion faded from American Idol the second Cowell made a timely exit, but somehow he has transferred his magic to another show. It has become an American, even international, pastime to watch Simon Cowell roll his eyes, make a stink face, or give his golden approval to entertainers. I could, and will, watch him on anything.

The format is rather familiar for American Idol fans, but there are some twists. Overall, there is a more fresh and entertaining feeling to this show. Cowell had it right to mix it up, the same exact productions can't be successful forever; change or go down with the ship.

Mariah may be bringing the same level of crazy (or more) over at Idol that Britney Spears and Demi Levato are bringing to The Factor, which is what most people are looking for in entertainment, but I've moved on and I only have room for one singing competition in my life these days.

The Sisterhood

Who knew a pair of pants could continue to be so compelling?

There is not a time when the movie, The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants, fails to leave me in a crumbly emotional mess. Those girls are going through a lot!

The book series was huge when I was in middle school, and the first book was morphed into this solid flick, mostly due to the perfect casting, when I had moved on to high school.

This is definitely on the top of my guilty pleasures movie list. This is in no way tied to being embarrassed about loving it, in fact, I would defened the high quality of this movie to anyone. The guiltiness is based on how deeply absorbed I get into the story and characters, and the capacity it holds for a good cry.

More often than not, when I watch movies of this type (the lady aimed variety), I turn into a mascara running, puffy eye disaster, which is something I don't like to openly admit.

Much of the time I don't feel like a real girl from my generation, especially as I am more into AMC than Gossip Girl (is that still on?). Then my attention gets diverted back to four friends whose tale riveted my classmates in our school halls, and I am reminded that, yes, I do belong.  

We all have guilty pleasures, whatever they may be, and new additions get made to my list daily. These are just a few (somewhat) topical ones, what are some of yours?

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