Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thankfully Entertained

(Minus The Bear performing at one of my thankful places.)

Novel November is supposed to be the month that everyone is super jazzed to simply sit and write.

The movement is all about placing words in sentences and filling up a page. The final product doesn't have to be a novel, or perfect, or genius, or even make sense for that matter. Just getting anything in your brain out in front of you as a form of expression can be a giant accomplishment.

It would seem like a vibe like this would be the easiest time to write. You could write anything!

Truth is, this month I've never felt more uninspired to write in my life.

Sometimes when you are overwhelmed being productive is difficult. I tend to get really overwhelmed in spurts. Hence, my feeling that I'm trapped in a glass box of emotion.

Why type on my computer when I could bake some pies or zone out while being baffled by a bunch of Beverly Hills Housewives and a few Bridezillas thrown in for good measure?

However, this is ending now. This instant.

The change of heart comes from the fact that I missed updating this little bloggie and it's Thanksgiving time, which has left me with a need to express some fun things I'm grateful for this season. Each one of these often inspires me to break out of my stress obsessed rut.

In the same vain as a funny man I am always appreciative of, Jimmy Fallon, I would like to send out some thank you's to some pop culture entities.  So, without further ado: 

Thank you...

Showbox (At The Market) in Seattle: 

For being the best music venue for up close and personal shows.


For being the best new show that continually delivers a new catchy jam that gets stuck in my head weekly y'all.

Parks and Recreation:

For being funny and awww worthy in the same instant. Also, for featuring that maniac Joe Biden.

For keeping people entertained and expanding my brain while riding the bus, taking a walk, or crafting. Learning things is neat.

Andrew Bird

For releasing an utterly beautiful album recently, and reminding me that I need to get that violin bow of mine fixed so I get back to playing.

The Office U.K. and The Office U.S.A

 For being there to remind us all of this shows hilarious roots (both across the pond and from earlier seasons), and preparing me to say goodbye when the show ends this year.

 Election Season Being Over

[My Dad being cheeky. His sign on the door.]

For ridding the world of slam TV ads, mail propaganda, party e-mails, and political stress. 

Well, for at least four years anyway.

The Philadelphia Story

For being purchased by a secret pal at work, and providing a source of entertainment to a clan of classic film lovers over this holiday weekend. 


Because he is basically a walking teddy bear, he has Alopecia but still looks great in a tuxedo, and he's BFFs with Honey Boo Boo. Oh, and he has a website. To be honest, I could actually go on.

Family, friends, having a roof over our heads, and food are wonderful and we are thankful for it all, but lots of gratitude can also be directed towards these little bits of ridiculous and fun. 

It's definitely great to always step back and appreciate it all. Happy Thanksgiving!

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