Monday, December 31, 2012

Listing: Round It Up, Take Two

(My own little Christmas Tree)

Today is New Years Eve, and nobody even thought we were going to make it past the 21st! That unexpected surprise must make everyone more excited to kick off 2013 the best way possible.

For now, with less than 10 hours left of the year, we'll continue to go over the year that is almost behind us.


The world hasn't been introduced to many (or any) movies about vulgar, pot smoking, drinking teddy bears, but 2012 was the year where this became possible.

Definitely the most fun I had sitting in a movie theater all year. Giovanni Ribisi being creepy, comedic Mark Wahlberg, and a teddy with a heart of gold all makes Ted extremely memorable, hysterical, and actually loveable. All this credit has to be given to Seth McFarlane for the way he created the story, because in the hands of a crappy writer this would have been a complete mess.

There is probably already a sequel in the works.

The Avengers

The second best time I had in a theater this year followed five of the best superheroes the world has ever known.

Smart, witty, and action-packed, The Avengers proves that this is how you turn the masses into comic book nerds. 

Sufjan Christmas Tour 

After years of waiting, my friends and I never thought we would see Sufjan Stevens in concert; December 2012 proved us wrong.

Between the classic Christmas carols, festive crowd (donning antlers, santa hats, and one girl dressed as a Christmas tree), the Christmas Unicorn, a giant snowman, and lots of confetti, it was one of my favorite events from this holiday season.

Ending the show with beautifully singing a couple of his non-holiday hits was also a welcome surprise.

Parks And Rec

I'm forever thankful that Leslie, Ron, Andy and the gang came along to create comedy.  

It will be nice knowing when we sadly bid 30 Rock adieu there will still be a TV show that will deliver obscure pop culture references and make us all laugh till it hurts. 

Moonrise Kingdom

The one thing I hear most consistently in praise about Wes Anderson movies is that people just want to live in them. I couldn't agree more, and Moonrise Kingdom might possibly have the most desired world to hop into.

Sure, there are always kooky happenings, but the stories are also equal parts fun, heartfelt, and relateable.

All those bright pops of lovely colors and seeing Edward Norton back in the movies isn't too bad either.

Of Monsters And Men - My Head Is An Animal

I know, I know, people are getting sick of "this kind of music". I sort of get what people are saying, even though this sound isn't anything new, it's just becoming more widely popular. 

Either way, since I love a good accordion and horn section, I think the release from these Iceland natives is quite enjoyable.  "Little Talks" was their big hit and the rest of the album delivers a lot of the same fun atmosphere with co-singers Nanna and Raggi's vibrant voices as a highlight.

 Plus, they have a video live from the Gorge Amphitheater, aka one of my favorite places on Planet Earth. Check it out above.

P!nk - "Try"

Pink has been famous since I was in 7th grade. That thought just made me feel old, but maybe that would make Pink feel old as well?

She burst onto the TRL stage as the anti Britney, and through all the "Getting The Party Started" and "Lady Marmalades", the last couple Pink albums have been great as establishing her as a powerhouse solo singer, and not just a throw away popstar.

Her 2012 album, The Truth About Love, did hit big with the popular summer song, "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)", but honestly her album is a great listen in its entirety, with "Try" being my favorite.


The Cabin In The Woods

Horror movies used to be my favorite. In recent years though, all those chop-em up, bloody gore messes that dominate horror releases are something I won't stomach. Finally, some smart folks came up with an astoundingly creative horror movie.

I had absolutely no idea what The Cabin In The Woods was about when I rented it, which is exactly how everyone should go in before seeing it. Just know that the word awesome will go through your brain a million times through the length of the movie.

Hope everyone out there merrily rings in 2013! I'll be back tomorrow with more best of 2012, because I just can't get enough of list making.

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