Thursday, January 31, 2013

What the What!

Boys II Men said/sang it best: it's so hard to say goodbye, to yesterday.

Actually, in this case it is today that will be difficult, as we bid farewell to a landmark television show.

Seven years later, 30 Rock may not have brought in droves of viewers, but it won the respect of critics (racking up nearly 60 awards) and a group of awesome cult followers that know what glorious, smart, comedic TV is all about.

When I discovered the show right before the second season started, all I knew is that I loved Tina Fey.  What I didn't know, cramped in my dorm room, rocking a pair of headphones with my lap top promptly on my bed, and laughing like no one was looking (even though my roommate definitely was), is that I was discovering my favorite TV show.

Fey crafted a show that is perfectly absurd, creative, with tons of pop culture references infused in each scene, and always takes risks to make people laugh about things they never thought about before. It speaks to everything that I love so much about comedy and a reason to laugh is always a good thing.

Being that I cherish the show and every character so much, I could go on all week about details from the show, like how "Who Dat Ninja?" comes out of my mouth often when asking general questions, or how sometimes I just want to spiral off into a self-obsessed Jenna crazed meltdown that somehow involves Brian Williams, or simply yell blerg just for fun.

Jenna, Tracy, Jack, Kenneth, and Liz are the fantastic group that holds everything together, but to truly honor this show in its final hour, it seems right to pay respect to another detail that occurs in almost every episode: incredible gueststars.

David Schwimmer, Chole Moretz, Jullianne Moore, Brian Williams, and Will Arnett are just five of at least a hundred unstoppable performances given by big stars in their short snippet of time on 30 Rock.

Here are some more highlights:

Kimiko + Franco

Before Franco was a professor in college, directing short films about himself, being a host of the Oscars, and just bouncing off the walls, he played a version of himself on 30 Rock. Originally this version of Franco was thought to be fictitious, and now I'm not so sure...

Hook Hands, Wesley Snipes, Carol The Pilot, Beeper Salesman, and Floyd.

Liz Lemon was always unlucky in love before she met and married dreamboat Criss Cross (That name!), played by memorable guest star James Marsden (side note: why has he not had any musical numbers?).

Before Criss came along Liz went through a gaggle of suitors. Many were played by big time actors and what 30 Rock does best is give everyone a chance to be funny. Jon Hamm, Matt Damon, and Michael Sheen especially took on that challenge, busting out of their normally very serious demeanor to be brilliant comic leads in each of their episodes. Hamm, no one can do two hook hands better.

Drag Busecemi

Steve Buscemi has been on 30 Rock numerous times playing Jack's private detective, but it wasn't until this seasons best episode, "Game Change", that he transformed into that gorgeous flower you see above.

Any other words escape me.


Even though in the end Liz didn't actually meet Oprah on a plane, it still meant the one and only O needed to be there to fill in for Lemon's drug induced vision and it was perfect.


At least one of the two classiest broads in Hollywood was able to guest star before this show went off the air. I'm still holding out for Meryl to stride in to one of the final scenes tonight, but I'll settle for Sarandon's turn as a Mary Kay Letourneau type teacher to Judah Freidlander's character.

Look for her highlights from the episode that was a brilliant spoof of reality shows-Queen Of Jordan.

Break out your best night cheese, at least one bottle of wine, step into your classiest tux (it's after 6 isn't it?), and tune in tonight at 8 PM to make Liz Lemon and the TGS crew proud.

Mallahan out!

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