Saturday, July 27, 2013

Trailer Wars: Coen Brothers Go Folksy

I often thank my lucky stars for the wide-breadth of movie culture introduced to me as a child.

We definitely stayed age appropriate and watched the heck out of the immense Disney catalog (a must do in the '90s), but having been born into an entire family of lifelong film appreciators meant that from a young age the works of Tim Burton and some Coen Brothers were also playing on the regular in our living room.

Really nothing was off the table; from Edward Scissorhand to Raising Arizona, and other classics like All About Eve, Harold and Maude, and Sixteen Candles. Typically, all of these titles were not the same old stuff my friends were watching, and only now do I appreciate getting a kick start on appreciating that deep cannon of pop culture. If you don't start early, how does anyone ever catch up? I've spent at least 20 years actively absorbing it all like a sponge and I still feel behind.

In the end, being exposed to more "high brow" entertainment didn't automatically earn me a beret to be perched permanently atop my head as I exclusively watched classy foreign films (that came MUCH later), as I still spent the Friday's of my childhood obsessed with Full House and the regular T.G.I.F lineup. 

Aside from occasionally being a typical kid and giving in to the draw of Mary Kate and Ashley, that early emphasis on those critically exclaimed, quintessential films, had especially set the stage for a lifetime of finding Tim Burton films uniquely charming (not weird) and dearly awaiting the next Coen Brothers production.

Margie the pregnant Minnesota cop is solidly one of the most memorably endearing characters and inspired many a family laugh while mimicking her accent. We too spent plenty of time joking about the extended police chase, involving Nic Cage stealing a package of Huggies while wearing pantyhose as a mask. As a family tradition, any Joel and Ethan project will always be treasured with an extra special affinity.

Due to their pedigree producing quality entertainment for over 20 years, just the hint of a new movie  elevates any cinephile's pulse. It also doesn't hurt that their latest flick has been building postive buzz since May, when Inside Llewyn Davis was nominated for the Palme D'Or and won The Grand Jury Prize at Cannes.

With a limited release date scheduled for December 6th, that's a whole four more months before a general audience will be able to even catch a snippet - the suspense is unnerving!

Never the types to be pigeonholed to a certain type of movie, Llewyn Davis seems to be their most variant film yet, even though some comparisons to their past could be drawn.

Based on the trailer, with the setting being the world of 1960's folk music, we can string together that it will be channeling a lot more O Brother, Where Art Thou? and less Miller's Crossing. At first it seemed like there wouldn't even be a single criminal character (that would be a first?), although, after a second look, I am suspicious of John Goodman. 

In more recent years, as the family members who taught me have gotten older, I've been the one doing the recommending, and exclaiming, "but you gotta see this!" The love for their films were passed down to me, so even with time I'll continue the tradition and never stop buzzing about the Coen Brothers.

Look for Inside Llewyn Davis when it is released in December. Now that is just perfect timing for the Oscars, isn't it!

(Relevant Side Note: They are making a Fargo TV series! I hope this is still happening.)

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