Sunday, September 1, 2013

Trailer Wars: Dancing Leo

You are in luck if after checking out The Great Gatsby all you ever wanted to do was fawn over Leonardo DiCaprio in another parade of perfectly tailored suits.

The 1990's setting of The Wolf Of Wall Street is a huge step down in class level from the Baz Luhrmann 1920's glitz fest, so we'll have to settle for hideous patterned ties and more of a Zach Morris goes to prom look. However, Martin Scorsese is even making that era look good, and, really, when it comes to Leo, he could own it dressed in a powder blue tuxedo.

Fashion aside, there are more serious matters in this bio-pic weaving the tale of Jordan Belfort, a NYC stock broker, who by my age had banked a mere 49 million dollars. That's just a tad more than I have in my savings account, but I've never really cared much for money.


Chimps in an office and amazing carefree dancing skills (please, no one miss this at the 1:34 mark of the above trailer) are the key to showing off how dang successful you are, but even though Belfort was at the top for awhile, we all know that eventually there is only one direction to go.

After making four heavily buzzed about movies together (most recently 2010's, Shutter Island) we can count on DiCaprio and Scorsese to deliver another movie fans will be anticipating as the awards season rush comes closer.

In the past the two have tackled dark material about mental institutions and NYC gangs, but more like DiCaprio's crime caper Catch Me If You Can, The Wolf Of Wall Street will display plenty of criminals living the high life before finding their way to the gutter. DiCaprio probably won't kill anyone or go mentally insane this time, but he will have the chance  to flex both his charming and serious side in the same movie.

Between Wolf and Gatsby, could this be DiCaprio's year to finally charm the Academy voters? Judge for yourself when The Wolf Of Wall Street is released on November 15th.

Happy September 1st everyone. Fall is on the way.

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