Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Trailer Wars: Stiller is Mitty

Ben Stiller is a guy whose appeal has always eluded me. Sure,  Zoolander and The Royal Tenenbaums are on his resume, but the triumph of those movies are directed toward the enjoyable plot, rather than the "ridiculously good looking" leading man.

Earlier this week at the cinema, prior to being transported into space with Bullock and Clooney, I was in for quite a shock when a preview for a certain movie starting playing.

The years have been good to Stiller - for the first time in my life, with his crisp blue eyes and salt and pepper hair beaming off of a large screen, I became intrigued to find him as the star of a movie.

It doesn't hurt that his new flick is something other than a cheap comedy co-starring Jennifer Aniston, that also has superhero blockbuster level effects, mixed with glorious landscapes of exotic locations, and all set with Of Monsters and Men blaring over the dramatic scenery.

If the job of a preview is to sell a movie, and not give away the entire plot, The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty trailer is staying late at the office and coming in early on Saturdays. It may turn out to only be a magnificent treat of a trailer for a crap-tastic movie, but I really don't care - we'll always have this little snippet of brilliance.

"Have Fun - Dad." Let's go on an adventure!

People are bursting out of pictures like The Purple Rose Of Cairo set in the magazine world, Walter is running into one extreme circumstance after the next, and Shirley MacLaine is there!

How much of his travels will be real, and how much are in his mind? Does he even work at Time Magazine? Will he ever figure out how to send a "wink" to his true love? Either way, this is one of those stories that will make anyone want to quit dreaming and get living.

Even if the plot of this movie turns out to not be as grand as the trailer makes us believe, the rest of the cast will make this a worthwhile endeavor. Stiller (who also directed) pulled together quite the bevy of grand lads and dames - besides MacLaine, there's loveable Adam Scott, the hysterical Kristen Wiig, and that fantastic lady who is in everything, and yet, has never been in anything bad. 

Stiller is at that moment where a comedian decides to throw away the total goofball roles and play a real guy with a heart. We've all seen Steve Carrell, Jim Carrey, Jack Black, and Will Ferrel go through this transition. I loved those actors before, but by going a smidge dramatic, they only increased my adoration. Stiller, this may be your chance.

Look for The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty when it is released on Christmas Day.

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