Monday, August 18, 2014

Trailer Wars: Hey, Preppy!

[Zach and Kelly are just as excited as you are! But seriously, what do you think their direction was for this photo-shoot?]

"Oh, that makes me feel so old!" is a phrase that can only be flung out of people's mouths with dramatic flare and it's something I am hearing more frequently. Being 27-years-old, an increasing amount of my compatriots are beginning to worry about their mortality, or you know, being thirty, and anything referenced by an 18-year-old will cause a down spiral into despair.

To me, being around longer on the Earth is a good thing, something to take honor in, so overuse of that phrase is annoying, and people need to get over themselves and be happy for nostalgia and blazing the trail into retirement homes. I'll be the one on the front lawn playing croquet and making a floral muumuu look good.

Well, I too soon committed the very verbal sin of my judgements. Watching Lifetime a couple nights ago, a clip for another one of their made for tv masterpieces started to play. When what appeared to be an infant in a blond feathered wig popped up on screen playing the part that was originally filled by the first crush I ever had, an audible gasp flew out of my mouth, followed by, you guessed it, "ahhhh, I'm so old!"

We all fall for the dramatics sometimes - you can't help it.

Whether it makes you cringe or feel excited, Lifetime has outdone themselves by making a movie perfectly aimed at my generation. It's all about the deep, dark secrets behind the scenes of everyone's favorite late 80s early 90s TV show. Check out the first clip of The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story and ask yourself, "but, why does Zach Morris have to look like he's 10-years-old?"

Please tell me there is some sort of "unauthorized" Dustin Diamond biography written by an uber fan, that this amazing mess is based on. Otherwise, does "unauthorized" just mean the plot is based on the cast interviews from the classic 2002, "E! True Hollywood Story"? "Unauthorized" is really the key to the title - it's so mysterious.

When it comes to casting, it seems like the look of the actors completely revolved around matching the hair to the original cast. Otherwise, the actual resemblance to Kelly, Zach, Slater, Screech, and Lisa is a stretch.
In the end, who cares who the actors are because we all win if there are re-creations of the Hot Sundae music video (plus, the part in that episode where Zach dresses up like an old woman and sneaks into the girls locker room), Jesse's pill freak out, Zach Attack, "The Sprain", and if Tori Spelling insisted on returning to her star making role, Violet, the very stereotypical "nerd".
Discovered in another video this week, it's not just kids of the 90s that still dig the show. Some teens of today have good taste and find enjoyment in the show about twenty years after it ended. Is this like how I felt about The Facts Of Life?  
Wow, how time flies in pop culture land.

Plan accordingly - this year's Labor Day plans should probably involve 90s crop tops and floral pants instead of a BBQ. Gather with others to laugh and check out the premiere of The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story on September 1st. 
What a way to say goodbye to summer and to say hello to the beginning of everything from our childhood being open fodder for resurrection.

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