Monday, September 1, 2014

Emmys 2014: Staches + Streets

[Farewell To Breaking Bad - winner for Supporting Actor & Actress, Actor, Writing,  Editing, and Drama Series.]

Exactly one week ago from tonight, the awards season kicked off with the 66th edition of the Primetime Emmy Awards.

Between live tweeting/blogging during the actual show, red carpet arrival interviews, and post show writer wrap ups, all the ins and outs of the show have already been covered in excess.

Since we all know this to be true, but I physically can't let an entertainment event pass by without inserting some sort of my own commentary, I'll make it quick.

There were people who won that I love (Ty Burrell, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Allison Janney) and others that I will never understand (maybe one day I will see the light and seek out The Good Wife and The Big Bang Theory...I said maybe). Only one win was hotly debated and controversial in my household - honestly we love Aaron Paul, and it's such a tight race, but still, Peter Dinklage experienced the robbing of the century.

We can complain up and down and all around over who won and who didn't, however, now the only thing that matters are the significant moments of the ceremony that viewers will look back on most fondly.

I found the show to be quite enjoyable from beginning to end (since I'm a freak of nature who finds enjoyment in what others see as torture), yet there are exactly two details of which are most important and must be acknowledged.

"Hold On Clark Gable"

Julia Louis-Dreyfus ripped that line right out of my brain. This phrase is, of course, in reference to Cranston's Stache.

Not only was it Breaking Bad's year to win everything, but when Cranston came out with a look like that, he also proved he is one of the few on this planet that can make the solo mustache look classy as shit.

All I want to know: what magical movie is he filming in which this is part of his "character"? It's going to be good, that's all I know for sure. Remember, he even killed it in Godzilla.

Yeah, I know this is probably too much talk about a mustache, but seriously, the facial hair was a necessary detail for all the best bits. Cranston running around with mischief in his eye, much like Snidely Whiplash, played perfectly into the rest of the memorable hijinks he was involved in throughout the show.

This guy never stops working, even on a night he is getting honored! We'll all miss Cranston as Walter White, but there will be more great roles to come.

"Dinklage vs. Patinkin!! Dinklage vs. Patinkin!!"

One of the happiest moments of 2014, was discovering "Billy On The Street" on Funny Or Die's website. Pop culture fans can agree, he says everything we are thinking and wish someone would talk about on a game show that involves pestering people in the street.

Gay Of Thrones aside, no other online series of videos has left me hysterically cackling, which lead to tears obstructing my vision and nearly passing out from lack of oxygen.

I realize some people think he's too yell-y and can't stand him - what's wrong with you?

When Billy Eichner came out on stage with host Seth Meyers, I nearly fell over with excitement. Their video montage stole the night. Yes, even away from the Stache admired round the world.

Hopefully all this attention will get more viewers for his show. Eichner made a "Meryl-Go-Round" for crying out loud! He deserves the world!

Until next time.

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