Saturday, September 13, 2014

Trailer Wars: Hometown Glory

Up in Toronto it is movie festival fever. TIFF has been raging all week, and what I wouldn't give to be there myself. Jealousy has never poured over my Twitter feed more ravenously than reading 140 character initial reactions to endlessly fantastic sounding cinema.

Julianne Moore is already locked for a Best Actress win? Eddie Redmayne is more than just a handsome face and is a revelation in The Theory Of Everything? The book I had some issues with, may actually be Reese Witherspoon's restorative movie role? I want to know more!

Around these parts, in regular world where we have to wait ages to see these doozies, the flicks from Sundance are just getting around to finding distribution. That festival happened in January, this is now September. You can do the math - that's too long folks!

One of these films has really left me testing my patience skills. The movie walked away with much praise, but the director also got attention for something else he did while at the festival. Did you hear about the guy who accidentally took his parents to a "secret" screening which turned out to be Nymphomaniac: Volume 1?  Well, that was Craig Johnson and he also co-wrote and directed The Skeleton Twins.

You had me at Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader. I won't be the first to acknowledge that they are two of the best SNL cast members post the age of Fey and Poehler. Even when people were complaining about the quality of the classic Saturday night mainstay, Wiig and Hader made it worthwhile to continue tuning in week after week. Stefan, Target Lady, Vincent Price, the girl with the little hands who chased bubbles - these two could make the most bizarre character truly hysterical.

Now with their separate forays into movies (Wiig with Bridesmaids and Hader, known for more supporting gigs in Superbad or voice work in Cloudly With A Chance Of Meatballs) it only seems right that the two would star in a film together.

When Wiig first started doing movies - like in another one these two were featured in together, Adventureland - it seemed like the only parts she would get forced her into doing one of her SNL like characters. Somewhere between Gilly and that "one-upper" lady. Thankfully, movie makers finally realized she could act outside of those parameters and gave her a chance to play a real person, who could also be silly and zany.

Hader too was limited on the silver screen. He would show up as a lot of "funny best friends", but has yet to lead a movie. This looks like the perfect role to let him be funny and also expand on what he can do as a full fledged actor. If Will Forte can do it, so can Hader.

I also had vested interest in the film after hearing that Johnson was from my hometown. Our local paper, the good old Bellingham Herald, had a little interview with Johnson back before his movie had its opening night at Sundance. First Hilary Swank, now him - this place is unstoppable.

The Skeleton Twins has a release date of this weekend, but it appears to be limited. It is not playing yet in my neck of the woods, not even at our independent theater. [We actually have two now! Shout-out to The Pickford and Limelight.] I wish it was because, oof, the selection at our large megaplex this week looks terribly bleak.

Blast, it looks like we all have to keep our patience pants on for a little while longer. Movie fans, I hope your town has as nice of an independent theater as we do, because hopefully, we all won't have to wait that much longer.

Until next time.

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