Friday, November 28, 2014

Heyo! Long Weekend Activities

It's officially the season of shopping! My original intention was to avoid the mall, stick to supporting a couple local places instead, and just take it easy with the spending.

Then, like always, I get sucked into the idea of all those $4 movies at Target. I made a quick stop there this afternoon, when most of the hard core shoppers were already gone.

Other than falling a little victim to sale fever, I'm just lucky to have four days off in a row. Since this doesn't happen often, I want to jam pack the days with activities, truly taking advantage of the time to do things that I normally don't get to do. Like, play videos games! Or read all day! Or craft and decorate for the holidays like nobody's business!

Anyone else who has the same spirit but is not quite sure where to start, here are a few ideas for a weekend of fun:

Head Out To The Movies

It's the end of the year, so movie theaters are crammed with all those classy flicks trying to get nominated for Oscars. You could check out Birdman (which just got the most nominations at the Independent Spirit Awards), or other sure fire Academy nominees like, The Theory Of Everything and Gone Girl.

Big hits like The Hunger Games and Dumb and Dumber To are out too. Plus, don't forget comedy geniuses Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy are both starring in St. Vincent.

Stay In With The Movies

Movies have multiple release dates now. Some services get the movies before others. Between On Demand ordering, Netflix, Redbox, and actual video stores,  it's difficult trying to keep track of which will have the movie you want, the day you want. Eventually you can track down a movie to rent.

Since Food = Thanksgiving weekend, there seemed like no better time to enjoy a movie focused on cooking. That's why the much lauded Chef landed in my mailbox earlier this week.


With some fun striped yarn and huge ass knitting needles in my possession I plan on whipping up at least one of these cowls in the next few days. Once you master the herringbone stitch, this project is a no brainer.

Ultimately it is the perfect craft for making you feel productive while also watching various amounts of trash television.


We are in the age of the DIY revolution. That couldn't apply more than to the holiday craft decoration craze. Basically the internet is just cat pictures and instructions for how to create your own Christmas ornaments or ideas for how to turn every room (including the kitchen) into a winter wonderland. 

Interested in creating a classy holiday wall feature? A Beautiful Mess had a fun tutorial last year for a super swank swag made of pom-pom's and bells.


I don't know about the rest of y'all, but I only made one resolution at the beginning of 2014. I came up with the idea of reading two books a month. That seems simple and yet currently I am ridiculously running behind.

In order to win this competition with myself, I'll need to read 11 books in the next 34 days. Who thinks I can do it? What is that like, three books a week? Let's place some bets. Just so you know, I'm tenacious and always finish what I start.

Dang it East Of Eden for being fantastic but nearly sucking up my entire summer of reading!

With this all in mind, I have decided that one day this weekend I will channel my ten-year-old self. Did anyone else have read-a-thon days in elementary school? It was the best day of the year. Everyone brought in sleeping bags and laid around eating snacks and reading all day. Grand memories.

Anyone who wants to join me in doing this at some point during the weekend, I suggest a pot of coffee, popcorn, sour straws, a warm snuggie, and a stack of books. I'll be finishing The Invention of Hugo Cabret, which is proving difficult since I just want to stare at the gorgeous illustrations (seen above) all day.

Whenever it seems like your eyes are getting drowsy, get up, and show off your best dance move while cranking some sweet, sweet jams.

Board Games

Yahtzee, Boggle, Scrabble, Apples To Apples, Monopoly, playing speed with your set of Walking Dead cards and getting caught up admiring Daryl - the possibilities are endless.

It's nice to give your eyes a break from all those screens and communicate with real people.

Video Games

So, this game Little Big Planet 2 - days can be spent just picking out your little character's outfit. He can even dress like the toys from Toy Story! This is my kind of game.

I'm a gal who spent her childhood playing video games with her brother and gaggle of boy cousins. The holidays always bring back those memories of us all playing Super Nintendo in my Grandma's living room. That's why around this time I always get a hankering to be handling some sort of controller and punching a bunch of random buttons.

Thankfully, when the urge is there, my brother has a PS3 and I get to be introduced to fun games.


People these days love a good reason to binge watch TV. A long holiday weekend is the best occasion.

Netflix subscribers might consider cranking through the first two seasons of American Horror Story. Maybe even consider a couple of my all time favorites - Parenthood, Gilmore Girls, and Friday Night Lights. New shows like The 100  are also on Netflix. That one is rumored to be pretty darn great.

Even though I'd love to watch all of my dearest shows again, in the next couple days I'll be catching up on Gracepoint, watching the final episode of Olive Kitteridge (I don't want this to end!) and trying to start an episode of The Knick.

Walk It Out

If weather allows, get out and stretch those limbs. Maybe even tune into some podcasts while you're at it.

With options like this, how can an extended weekend fail?

Until next time.

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