Thursday, November 6, 2014

It's Time For Opraaaah!

[How have I never image searched, "Oprah's Favorite Things Audience", before?]

Oprah Winfrey hasn't been on the TV everyday since 2011 and yet her power over the world has never dwindled. Sure, she's got schools in Africa and all, but, truthfully, we just really want to know what she thinks we should all buy for Christmas this year.

Since her talk show ended, not a single holiday season has gone by without her fans collectively mourning the audience freak out fest that was the iconic, "Oprah's Favorite Things" episode. The term "Bucket List" is highly overused, but attending one of those shows would have definitely been on mine.

Gaining all those remarkable gifts is just part of the magic. The whole crowning glory of the experience would be seeing the chaos break out from the other audience members. No one screamed louder, jumped higher, swooned more aggressively, or fell more dramatically to the floor than those people lucky enough to find themselves at an Oprah taping on the best day of the year. 

Even without a show,  Ms. O still has that eponymous magazine of her's - what better place to continue on the tradition. This week the December issue was released highly toting, "Oprah's Favorite Things 2014!!!"

Last month I heard a rumor that this year Oprah was all about sweater capes, calypso music, paisley tops, and high heeled flip-flops that lift up your butt and give you a workout. Wait. That might have just been something I heard from a girl I sat next to on an airplane...

Now we all can find out what Oprah has "tasted, tested, sniffed, snuggled, brewed, steeped, read, shared and dared" in the last year. Many of the items are even being offered at a discounted price. Including these cute customizable notebooks and something I didn't know I needed - filled bagel balls!

Important things to note: She is LIVING for the mix and match trend, exotic flowers that come in a box, and writing notes with gorgeous bright colored ball point pens. Oh, AND over 70 more items. Most of which are lotions/creams and items to lounge around in during the winter months - Oprah, and the rest of the world, love to be cozy. Plus, the astrological necklace is bitchin'.

Who am I kidding! All of it is great. Oprah always knows what she is doing.

Including getting back into the movie world! The talk show let the world see her true personality and she was able to bring happiness and hope to her fans, but Oprah is also a true actress. Her performance in The Color Purple is still outstanding and she always deserved a larger movie career.

After starring in The Butler last year, she will now also soon be seen in another throwback bio-pic. This one documents part of the life of Martin Luther King Jr. Selma will be released across the country in January. Can't wait.

It's the most Oprah time of the year! Really something to cherish.

Until next time. 

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