Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Week That Was...

Hello there again you old so-and-so! We've all come back together again to regale in a fresh batch of current events.

As is always expected, it's been another bonkers week out in the world. Without any further ado, let's indulge in those special idiosyncrasies that will forever make the last seven days unlike any other week that could happen this year.

Earlier this week all of the news outlets were talking about women's accessories like it was an episode of Project Runway. "Vlad, please utilize the Piperlime accessory wall tastefully."

Vladimir Putin did not listen to Tim Gunn, instead deciding to ruffle some feathers and show his gentlemanly side at the APEC summit, which was being held in China over the past week. (It was also the same place where Obama got picked on for being twinsies with another leader.)

Putin decided to get a little friendly and placed a shawl around the shoulders of Chinese First Lady Peng Liyuan. This did not go over very well - the media in China quickly censored his grand act of gallantry.

Was he really concerned for Ms. Liyuan's chilled shoulders? Or was he schmoozing like no one has ever schmoozed before? 

Guess what, he's single ladies! For now anyway...

What sounds like something entirely implausible happened over the weekend - Dumb and Dumber To was a huge success!

It was the number one movie of the weekend, making 38.1 million dollars.The critics roughly ripped it to shreds, but they also don't really respect the original as a comedy classic either (it's a generational thing). None of that matters when fans show up to spend loads of dough on a sequel to a twenty-year-old movie.

To be honest, I couldn't be happier for Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey. If this flick bombed it could have been something they wouldn't be able to shake for years, or ever. I may rent this eventually, purely for the extreme commitment that Daniels and Carrey throw into their wacky characters.The story doesn't look like it will top the original, but when these guys are all in, at least they can make most of the viewing experience enjoyable.

I don't even want to even give any more attention to this, but alas, it can't be avoided.

There is a certain lady, I will call her "she who shall not be named", that spent some time trying to break the internet recently. Everyone has seen the pictures, but this publicity stunt hasn't ended yet.

Now, somehow Tina Fey has been dragged into this mess, for something she wrote in 2011. Part of her book Bossypants mentions "she who shall not be named" in a segment about female body image. Many media outlets are posting the quotes from her book because it is timely,. Ha ha, let's all laugh because Fey is being satirical and fun.

Oh, no, that's NOT what everyone is thinking?

What made me horrified was the large amount of postings showing up in my Facebook feed and tons of comments posted in articles by those who took Fey's words literally. For examples, just peruse any of the articles, or maybe your Facebook friends went a little ragey too. 

Y'all, she's a smart comedian, let's move on. There are more important things in the world. Which leads to...

Mission Accomplished

Philae, the king of all space probes right now, has landed on a comet! The baby of the European Space Agency, spent over 10 years up amongst the stars trying to catch up to the comet, officially making its landing earlier this week.

Merely the journey should be fascinating enough, but the actual purpose of the mission is where things get real interesting. Could comets hold the origin story of life itself? That is what Philae is hoping to dig up in samples. Basically NBD. Although, it hasn't all been completely smooth orbiting, specifically since the probe landed with a few bumps, causing it to be in a location that is more difficult to have solar rays charge its battery pack.

Oh, and just so it's clear, I definitely imagine Philae as Wall E, putting samples in his little red cooler and buzzing around to the tunes of Hello Dolly. 

That line likely was uttered by of mostly everyone in the US this week. We saw bitter cold combined with bright sunny skies in Washington. Weather that makes for quite gorgeous conditions.

Not to sound braggy or anything since the rest of the country faced much worse over the last seven days. Many states in the country saw their first snow and colder than usual temps. Some places were up to 25 degrees lower than normal.

It has it be that El Nino, or something, that is still messing up all the weather patterns.

All Eyes On Adult Swim

"Too Many Cooks" is the whimsical video dujour. From news sites to podcasts to general banter to think pieces, anyone who is a crazy anyone was recommending this video that was first seen on Adult Swim before the internet took it under its wing.

Clocking in at over 11 minutes, it's a video that demands more attention than the usual popular internet clip. So far, over three million people have taken that challenge and spent a little extra time just to check out what is so buzzworthy.

I could explain what happens in the video, but why not just watch some wacky. Just a bit of intrigue for those you have yet to see it: some of those viewers/ mega appreciators are getting really obsessed with tracking the creepy bearded killer. He is real spooky. Interest piqued?

Until next time.

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