Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Week That Was

While many spent the last days of November with family and thinking thoughtful notions, these are some other events that were going on at the same time.

Black Friday Is Going Down, Down, Down

All of the commercials broadcasting deals and the mass amounts of news coverage would lead you to think differently, but in reality, shopping at stores in person the day after Thanksgiving was down by 7% from last year.

Was that because people crowded stores on Thanksgiving day instead? Maybe, but online shopping is also surging. According to NPR, compared to the previous year, Amazon showed a 24% increase in shopping on their site over Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Why go out and face the crowds if you can shop in the comfort of your pajamas? Oh, I guess people do that out in public too.

The Force Is Teased

According to the internet, people are losing their minds over the new clips of the Star Wars franchise resurrection.

The 1:30 teaser doesn't show much, but the quality of the effects sure looks great. Most loved it, but there are of course already people complaining about anything and everything. They know that come December 2015, they're still going to fork over their money, right?

Remarkable Rescue

Be aware of snow plows, is the lesson we all can learn after two boys were trapped in a pile of snow on Wednesday.

The kids were building an igloo, as is required for all children to do when it snows.  While the boys were constructing their fort, a snow plow came along and buried them in. After seven hours, thankfully, someone saw a shovel near the pile and guessed that the kids could be inside. Their igloo structure managed to save enough breathing room, but just barely.

Both were hospitalized and are now doing well. They were warm and inside, hopefully in time to celebrate the holiday with their families, who must be feeling especially thankful this year.

No Indictment For Officer Wilson

Earlier this week the grand jury in St. Louis, MO. decided against indicting Darren Wilson for the death of Michael Brown.

Since then, just as the media was hyping, protests happened in both Ferguson and St. Louis, as well as in most large cities around the country.

Why this will never be officially sorted out, and why neither side will be happy, is that there is conflicting evidence and differing eye witness reports all surrounding the events that leads to the sad death of a young man.

To add fuel to the fire, CNN has been investigating one of the men who did the autopsy on Brown. And then the The Washington Post reported that the  physical evidence does match the testimony given by Wilson. It's just a mess.

Through it all, in a just world, we can only hope that the grand jury did their best with the evidence they were given. Although, this is hardly the last we have heard about this case.

Big Win

Seahawks fans will know what I mean when I say that the game on Thanksgiving felt just like the Super Bowl did nearly a year ago.

It both cases there was a ton of hype where it was consistently being said that the other team would easily trample the Hawks come game day.

What ended up happening is the exact opposite. Just like when they faced the Broncos in the biggest NFL game last season, mistakes from the other team and effective team work from the Hawks helped them win another major game. It was a big show against their rivals, the 49ers, in prime time. The game was perfectly set up to begin as everyone was rolling onto their couches stuffed from gorging on turkey and all the fixin's.

Normally my family watches movies post Thanksgiving dinner, but this year, with the Seahawks winning, it was a fantastic end to the day.

Grumpy Cat, Grumpy Cat, What Are They Feeding You?

Lifetime made a movie about Grumpy Cat. She was voiced by Aubrey Plaza. That is all.

Oh, and also, with only watching about 15-minutes of it, I can say it's unexpectedly funny. Mostly due to Plaza in the voice acting role of a lifetime.


30 Days Of Posts

I did it! Once I hit publish, this will mark the end of producing one post every day for the entire month!

It's a small goal, but I almost quit numerous times. When I got frustrated with wireless connectivity issues slowing me down or I didn't know what to write, I thought about just not posting. Who would notice?

Good thing my perseverance side decided to ignore that little voice telling me to stop, because now I can celebrate making it to the end without cheating.

I'll just be over here high-fiving myself like a goof and possibly treating myself to some fragrances. Oh yeah, as a mini celebration I also couldn't help making that quick video featuring my adorable light activated toys. Someday I'll get to posting some better videos, but for now that dancing pumpkin sums up my attitude right now.

Take it from this gal, sticking to goals may be hard, but it feels really f'ing great when it's all over. The question now - what to strive for next?

Until next time.

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