Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Rudolph The Red Nosed Ralphio

Driven by being obsessed with Master Of None and needing more Aziz in my life, I started re-watching Parks and Recreation again, for the...well, I've lost count of the number of times I've watched the episodes of this grand television program.

Every time I re-watch a show I tend to notice something different. This time around, I realized that all of the characters are mostly consistent throughout the series, except for Ron Swanson. The change in his character from season one to two is very subtle, but it happens basically at the exact moment that he swaps out the artwork in his office from a lady holding a plate of eggs and bacon to just a plate of eggs and bacon.

The one thing I never notice differently is Tom Haverford's better creative half - Jean Ralphio.

Anytime this guy bounce, bounce, bounce, bounces, onto the screen, hilarity is about to ensue. Plus, he has access to the ill-est clubs, is a beautiful rapper, has a cute crush on Leslie Knope, and most people in Pawnee despise him, which only makes you want to love him more.

He never listens to the haters and always turns his frizown upside dizity.

There are many things I miss about Parks and Rec and the madness brought on when Jean Ralphio teams up with Tom or his sister Mona Lisa (ahhh best character name ever), is definitely something that I miss the most.

Thankfully, Jean Ralphio jokes never get old - perfect for endless plays back on Netflix.

Until next time.

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