Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Have A Holly Dolly Christmas

After writing about certain famous song covers yesterday, I got into quite the Dolly Parton mood.

There was nothing else I could do other than put on some of the greats - a little of "My Tennessee Mountain Home", "Jolene", "9-5", and "Travelin-Thru", all of which eventually lead me to her more mellow, but just as beautiful version of "I Will Always Love You." Whitney's is a showstopper, but I do prefer the Dolly original.

Too soon I came to the end of my "Dolly Essential Playlist", but it closed with my favorite track - "Coat Of Many Colors". 

When the song ended I had a flash of a memory. It was the recollection of the one great thing NBC had committed to do all year. That plan was the grand idea of making movies inspired by the life and songs of Ms. Parton!

The first of these movies, which debuts on NBC tomorrow night, is in fact the one inspired by "Coat Of Many Colors". What great timing. Dolly of course has been out promoting the movie and even stopped by The Voice last night to perform the titular song.

Just like the story told in the song, the movie will focus on Dolly's life as a child, and, most importantly, how her mother sewed her a coat out of what was available to her - scraps of fabric. That coat became a treasure to Dolly, one which she kept her whole life. Anyone can see the real coat, which is now housed in the hallowed halls of Dollywood. That's the kind of story that is almost too good to be true. 

The song she wrote with such refreshing earnestness about that time in her life is all about being happy with what you have and making the best with what is given to you. I'm sure the movie will really drive that message home. This is all especially good to hear during the holiday season and a nice reminder to us all when we get a tad too materialistic.

Will the movie be a little cheesy or hokey? Of course! It's a made for TV movie - we can't expect Oscar worthy. But if Dolly is involved (which she is), I'm completely on board. Plus, with a heart-wrenching song  as the basis for a plot, there's a good chance tears will be flowing by the end. How has no one made a movie based on her life before?

Even if it does cause emotions to boil to the surface, "Coat Of Many Colors" is one of those songs that I play whenever I'm feeling down in the dumps. It totally lifts my spirits more than any other song, because after all, "one is only poor only if they choose to be."

Life is always how you decide to look at it. Thanks Dolly for the reminder.

Until next time.

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