Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I Wish Our Brains Were That Bright And Shiny

There are always going to be the people who shy away from anything made by companies like Disney citing complaints like, "hmmmph, those are just kiddie movies."

To me this is simply the most baffling of all excuses.

Sure, some people don't like anything where people break out into song (which applies to a lot of animated features) and others just don't get the charm of watching every little thing in life get anthropomorphized (something that just happens to be my favorite thing btw - give me a dancing hedge with googly eyes any day of the week). In that case, these types of movies just aren't for them and that's fine.

But sighing in complaint just based on the supposed age range for a movie is nonsensical. Especially after watching one such 'kids" flick last night and discovering that it is not only one of the most complex movies I've seen probably ever, but it is also an entirely imaginative story, guaranteed to blow the minds of people 10 to 100-years-old.

All of the emotions in my mind know one thing to be true - Inside Out is a creative masterpiece and the people at Pixar are geniuses and are creating movies beyond anyone's wildest dreams.

Fans of their films know I'm just preaching to the choir here and I also know that this is the same studio that released Cars 2, so we know that no one is perfect.

However, the thought and care that went into every single detail in this movie speaks so truly to the types of stories Pixar is trying to tell. This one is a fantastical tale all set inside the body of a regular 11-year-old girl, Riley.

They came up with a brilliant way to express how our emotions and thought processes work, all while making me wish my brain was actually crammed with the brightly colored orbs of my memories, just like Riley's.  They imagined our dreams are created by a little movie studio in our head, that our deepest darkest fears are locked away in a dungeon, and that all of our personality traits create different lands to visit on a literal "Train Of Thought". 

Every moment of Inside Out is bursting with more imagination than "Imagination Land", the theme park constantly buzzing with activity in Riley's head. And the cleverness in the story isn't just about all the fun, like the character Joy (voiced by Amy Poehler) would have liked. This movie is about how each and every emotion is important, even Sadness (voiced wonderfully in scene stealing fashion by Phyllis Smith), because being down in the dumps is almost critical to feeling emotions and bouncing back in life. Really, it is all almost too much to take in at once and will literally take your breath away (that might just be all the sobbing though too...).

This is high praise, but after seeing this movie I'm convinced every single person at Pixar is an emotional wizard who should be living in a think tank working on fixing all the world's problems.

Bing bong alone could solve world peace.

Until next time. 

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