Monday, December 7, 2015

Hallmark The Herald Angels Sing

It is now a tradition that by the first day of November (maybe earlier) Lifetime, Hallmark, and ABC Family will begin whipping up into the frenzy of showing non-stop holiday movies.

In order to have enough programming, these channels must crank out new festive movies every year. Quite often, each channel will even have a new movie out a couple times a week. Needless to say, the quality has gone down over the years...

Ultimately, the act of taking delight in what kind of crazy plot lines (and "punny" titles) these networks come up with has become a modern day treasured annual pastime.

With so many titles to choose from, it's hard to pick favorites, but I can't deny two standouts: Hats Off To Christmas (starring Haylie Duff) and The Mistle-tones (starring national treasures, Tori Spelling and Tia Mowry - not Tamara).

There really is nothing better than the same formula used every time to craft basically the same movie, but with subtle differences - Boy meets girl + the "will they or won't they" factor + some holiday hijinks = holiday movie magic.

I have already caught some doozies this year, including Once Upon A Holiday, which was basically just a combination of The Princess Diaries and Roman Holiday, but without a coherent story line. This one really left me wondering about the importance of "princess duties", especially for a princess from a tiny country, in a non-specific part of the world, where everyone apparently just speaks English and sounds like they are from the United States. At least when Julie Andrews said she was from "Genovia", her accent connected her to a place outside of America.

There are a ton of these flicks that I'm looking forward to checking out, including Ice Sculpture Christmas (the plot is exactly what you think) and Northpole: Open For Christmas, starring Aunt Becky, aka Lori Loughlin.

Actually, speaking of that lady,  Loughlin also starred in an unforgettable Lifetime movie that I saw earlier this year. The picture above shows just a snip-it of all the drama. For those who are more "humbug" during this time of year, I would highly recommend this high-intensity movie watching experience. It is one of my favorite discoveries of the year.

Twists! Turns! Strange men in big trucks! Orchards! Witty mother and daughter banter! Murder!

I haven't stopped talking about A Mother's Rage since I saw it in November. Is that because it features the best twist in Lifetime movie history? Maybe. Actually, yes the answer is yes! Everyone should watch this, especially since it can currently be found On Demand.

So, there is always quite the range of movies playing on TV, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Check out Lifetime, Hallmark, and ABC Family (soon to be called Freeform? Whaaa?) online to check out the immense schedules of holiday fare.

That's what I will be tuning in for from now until December 25th.

Until next time.
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