Thursday, April 15, 2010

Team Coco Is Near

"The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television Tour" is so close to where I am in the United States that I can almost see the most famous red pompadour coming towards me. Oh, how I only wish that I could be one of the lucky ones to actually see it live. It will continue only in my dreams...

Conan O'Brien kicked of his comedy tour in Eugene, OR this week and after a couple nights in Vancouver the tour will be traveling into the great state of Washington. With stops in both Spokane and Seattle the Great Northwest will be graced with Team Coco for the rest of the weekend.

(Favorite thing of the year: How quickly COCO caught on)

If you are located on this side of the Cascades some tickets for the shows in Seattle at Macaw Hall are available. Prices are rather steep (...cough...because of ridiculous Ticketmaster...), but entirely worth it if you can swing it. Normally nothing would stop me from seeing Conan, but this time dwindling bank account, you win! For Ticket Information and Purchasing: Click Here

Fans bummed about not being able to catch Coney live? There is good news this week; Conan O'Brien will once again grace our beautiful television screens! He will begin his new show on TBS in November. Can't Wait!

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