Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Watchin The Tube: Fey and Idol

When did TV become so good? Sometimes I think that I might give up watching so many movies so I can dedicate all hours of the waking day to the many goods on TV (no, I'm lying, I'll still watch as many movies). Notable things that were riveting:

Tina Fey On SNL (Not to mention everyones love Justin Bieber):

SNL is a show that I have watched pretty religiously since I was capable of sitting and laughing. I'm not as tough a critic as others, but it is undeniable that SNL has dwindled in many likable factors. Most people feel that it is the talent on the show itself, where as I believe sometimes it can be the hosts which bring no effort to the table. Megan Fox? January Jones? Jennifer Lopez? Lets just say did not bring the funny.

Knowing that Fey was hosting this week, I made it a point to make it home in time to watch the show with some friends. Her presence on the show is missed (along with Amy Poehler and others that left the show in more recent years)so it was exciting!

Consistently ballsy and, for lack of a better word, funny, Fey was the lead in all the sketches. This isn't always true for the hosts anymore (it's Megan Fox's fault). Thankfully Tina Fey is strong and capable of holding the show and I thought all of the vastly different sketches were hilarious in their own way. To the delight of the Bieber fans he was featured in a sketch where Fey played a Mrs. Robinson type teacher. Many thought this was creepy, but I thought it may have been the funniest bit.

(Did You Know Tina Fey had the "Bieber Fever"? Neither did I, in my youtube searches I stumbled upon this high point in reporting.)

Other videos to look up if you missed the show: the return of SNL's classic fake commercials with a spot about "Brownie Husband". Also, Fey as a network pushing Sarah Palin. Only in my dreams will there be a real show called "Todd!". She also came back to Weekend Update...Oh man, I could keep going, I loved the whole thing. So go watch it: HERRE!

(editors note: spelling of HERE as HERRE was by accident, but is being kept as a special nod to my man Nelly)

For fans of Fey it goes without saying that it was enjoyable, but I'll just mention it one last time so everyone can officially think I am crazy-got to love Tina Fey.

Looking out for ladies night on SNL with Betty White (and featuring female SNL alumni) on May 8th (a birthday gift to moi).

In Other Watching News: A Haiku Representing American Idol Wrap

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