Friday, June 4, 2010


Computer malfunctions could quite possibly be the most annoying thing in this life...damn technology. Here is what I have been thinking about for the last week while my computer was completely defunct:

Between catching up on the most talked about drama on television, Mad Men, and revisiting the third season of one of my favorite shows, 30 Rock (with much thanks to Netflix Instant Streaming-the beauty of which is a whole other topic), Jon Hamm has been in my living room virtually every day for the last month. There are no complaints to be had, trust me. He is good to look at and he can play both crazy funny and dramatic!

Hamm's numerous episode arc on 30 Rock, playing Liz Lemon's boyfriend, is one of the highlights of that entire season. Definitely the number one must see episode is "The Bubble". It is revealed to Hamm's character that he is an especially pretty specimen and obviously is treated differently in the world. Prince Eric, from the Little Mermaid, was even modeled after him! That is merely a joke in the episode, but it would not be surprising if it was actually true for Hamm in his real life. That hair!

Guest spots on comedy shows is not the only thing Hamm has goin for him. He is also on that little show Mad Men, which I will admit, I was not always a fan. The costumes, setting, and Hamm (obviously judging by this near obsessive entry) were all loveable, but all the characters were a little much for me with the constant cheating, smoking, and drinking. Eventually, all of the boozing just grows on you. Those actors just do it so well, and truly capture the decade. As the story progresses secrets are revealed layer by layer, which ends up making fascinating television. So, I'm hooked on yet another TV show.

I encourage, those of you who haven't, to watch. Stick it out through the first season, like most shows, it only continues to get better.

This guy Hamm is going to be around for awhile. As a final thought, one last bit. After watching Hamm be funny on 30 Rock, I was reminded of the second time he hosted SNL earlier this year. Michael Buble joined Hamm in a sketch for all you pork and champagne aficionado's. I present, "Hamm and Buble (sound it out though so it sounds like Bubbly, you'll see what I mean)." Priceless.

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