Sunday, May 23, 2010

Video Of Note

Last week, I literally spent two days trying to find this music video. All I saw in passing, playing on a giant TV at a store, was a redhead in a flight attendant uniform dancing to a fun song. After trial and error of obsessively thinking it was a new song from A Fine Frenzy (which it was not) it finally clicked in the ole noggin that it could be no one else other than Kate Nash.

Nashs' singing voice(which most often sounds like she is just talking) can sometimes make me roll  my eyes, but all in all her music is incredibly catchy and thus enjoyable especially for some good summer time tunes. Her latest album, My Best Friend Is You, was released April 19th. The featured single Do-Wah-Doo produced the video that sent me scouring over the Net.

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