Monday, June 21, 2010

Just Because...

Over on Gawker, I stumbled upon a story that instantly drew my attention, because of my overly extreme fondness for animals.

All of you should instantly be drawn to a headline that reads, "Girl Saves Lethally Ugly Pony". Allegedly this is a hot story over in London right now, so I ventured over to The Daily Mail website to read more about it.

To sum it up: Diego (said Pony) and 6-year-old Maddison (his saviour) are best buds, but Deigo was born with a disfigured face and jaw which may inhibit him from eating correctly. Everyone said "kill that pony", but Maddison didn't want to end this friendship so she saved his life! Now the family is trying to raise the money so they can fix his face and everyone can eat and be merry.

I hope they do raise that money, because this is something I would have totally done when I was little/would do now. Maddison is great and the picture supplementing Gawkers' article is more priceless than I can put into words.

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