Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Battle Of The Oscar Stars: Best Picture 1941

How Green Was My Valley, more like How Quickly I Drift Into Sleep. No, but seriously, it's not as boring as I make it seem.

This 1941 winner for Best Picture was the strict competition at the Oscars(and ultimate winner) against the endlessly proclaimed classic Citizen Kane. In comparison I do see why Kane is given higher marks, but I also see why Valley won best picture that year. Kane has the clout, but over all Valley has something that Kane doesnt; a little thing called sentimentality.

Directed by iconic film director John Ford and told through the eyes of an old man, the story follows his memories as a young boy living with his welsh coal mining family. Everyone in the valley in which the family lives is part of the coal mining industry and at first gives them a serene life, but as the years pass the industry has disastrous effects on the workers and where they live.

As sleep inducing as some of parts of the movie are, by the time the credits roll there is a high probability that you will find a tear rolling down your face and your hand clutching your heart.

Most importantly how can you forget the singing! Apparently all turn of the century welsh coal mining villages broke out into some sort of brogue sing-a-long every five minutes. This is a highlight of the film (to me).

Not recommended for all, but if any of the details in anyway sounds a little exciting (especially all the singing and heart clutching ) then this movie is for you.

UP NEXT: Here's lookin' at Casablanca!

UPDATE: Mistaken, it's not Casablanca! Mrs. Miniver instead.

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