Monday, August 9, 2010

Battle Of The Oscar Stars: Epic Day of Gone With The Wind

For the Best Picture winner of 1939, you are seriously going to have to set aside a day. The perfect collision of some midsummer terrible Washington weather came together just in time for this past weekend. While the rain poured down the windows, I was able to cozy up and enjoy all four hours (or just under four, but when anything is longer than three hours specifics just don't matter) of Gone With The Wind without feeling as if I was wasting my life away.

Some wish to call this classic overrated, but I completely disagree. This epic tale of love, war, and that crazy Scarlet
 O'Hara can be just as enjoyable now as it was to people when it was released over 70 years ago.

I can truly speak to this from fresh eyes, because it was my first for watching Gone With The Wind. Well, all the way through. Even being the movie nerd that I am, only bits and pieces of classic scenes has been presented to me in the past. Having read, and loved the book, I knew that the story was hugely epic, but still imagining sitting and watching this movie for the entire length seemed daunting. Although, I will admit that finishing it felt entirely rewarding.

Like most epic movies, there is never a dull moment, and the only thing that reminds you just how long you have been sitting there is when you are jerked out of Tara faced with an actual Intermission and disc two must be inserted.

Something truly amazing is to compare this movie with the film that won the Best Picture the year before. From a black and white simple story of a family to one of the most expensive and successful films ever created, just in the span of a year.

(Or you could just spend 30 Seconds watching's pretty much the same)

Anyone who needs convincing that this movie holds up over time, simply watch the scenes depicting the disastrous effects of the Civil War on the people of Atlanta. Incredibly well done, and the hundreds of extras used makes these scenes actually terrifying to watch. Also, it goes without saying that the charisma of Clark Gable as Rhett Butler and his chemistry with Vivien Leigh as Scarlet might be another reason the movie will continue to top best of lists.

All in all I am glad to have finally seen this, and I think most people who haven't seen it should just commit some time already and watch. There is no better company for a rainy day.

On forward now into another decade; the 1940's! Still have so many to go...

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