Sunday, September 19, 2010

Battle Of The Oscar Stars: Best Picture 1944

Whoever thought that Sister Act could have won an Oscar! Well, really Going My Way, the movie whose plot was stolen for Sister Act and Sister Act Two: Back In The Habit, won seven Oscars back in 1944.

There are no on the lamb Vegas lounge singers hiding in a Catholic church, but there is a dreamy singing priest played by Bing Crosby! And in a stride to ruin any credibility that this movie holds in classic film history, the similarities only continue.

Both movies feature the local Catholic Church brought to near foreclosure from the man and something has to be done to save it. What has to be done? Singing, of course, will save everything!

Crosby plays the new priest in town, brought in to work his magic by helping the aging priest at the church, and since it's a Crosby movie it would be criminal not to feature that voice of his.

In one of many acts of kindness, Crosby motivates the kids from Manhattan street gangs and forms something the church badly needs; a choir.

This is one of those movies that my family has cherished for years and mostly reserves for around the holiday season. After watching it today, for the millionth time, I'm not sure why. There is nothing too much about it that screams exclusively Christmas (except for the whole Catholic theme), and should just be a family classic to watch whenever it feels right.

Looking for a movie that is light, mostly inspirational and features a lot of high quality singing? Then this one is for you. Bing Crosby never disappoints.

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