Friday, September 17, 2010

Just Because...Baking and Tunes

Day off baking extravaganza 2010 can't even begin without a soundtrack. Playing music motivates me to do just about anything and makes it fun at that. Cleaning, going on walks, searching for jobs, feeling mopey or cheery are done much better with some sweet tunes playing in the background.

Hanson, Sam Cooke (I fixed fitting and original thought/typo of 'Sam Cookie'), and Andrew Bird are cycling through my computer as I spend my day in the kitchen. Oldies put me in the baking mood and all the Hanson, who I will be seeing live in Seattle in less than a week, is obviously part of the pre concert workout.

Recipes cranked out today: 

Triple Chocolate Espresso Bean Cookies: Given the ole "I don't have all these ingredients" spin: all the same except without chocolate covered espresso beans and substituting the obvious (M&M's) in their place.

Paula Deen's Carmel Corn: Whenever I have made this before I use honey instead of corn syrup and what comes out is a delicious and really easy snack. Also, I will make anything suggested by this woman.


  1. bwahahahahha! THAT VIDEO. the caramel corn sounds sooooooo so SO good- especially with honey!


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