Thursday, September 9, 2010

Moonlighting As A Singer-Anyone Can Do It

Yesterday, I came across that one of the most interesting young actresses today, Carey Mulligan, will be the October cover star for Vogue. If you wondered if she could possibly be any cooler, after the great fashion sense and completely owning the resurrection of the Pixie cut, you are in luck, because the coolness just keeps flowing. This month Mulligan can also be heard singing on Belle and Sebastian's latest album. The Brit-pop groups first album in over four years, Write About Love, will be released October 12th here in the States, but the single of the same name featuring Mulligan can be heard now!

Belle and Sebastian music is at the top of my list to play in the morning to start the day off feeling amazing. Although, I am always hesitant whenever I hear that actresses will be singing, as if they were a star on the Disney channel, but Mulligans voice blends in perfectly with the vibe Belle and Sebastian always have in their music.

Mulligan did it right, but there are many actresses or actors that have been wrong, oh, so wrong.

Kirsten Dunst

Dunst lends her, basically talking, singing voice to several songs on Jason Schwartzman's side musical endeavor, Coconut Records. The album, Nighttiming, is very enjoyable. Schwartzman brings his songwriting talent wherever he is performing, but whenever Dunsts' voice comes on it's hard not to change the song. I fight through and still love the album anyway.

Jennifer Lopez

ZING! I'm just sayin'

Scarlet Johansson

Wither trying it solo (boo!) or dragging Pete Yorn into it, Johansson has tried to strum up a music career for herself, and I still wonder why.

Johannson improved a little (a little!) when she snagged Pete Yorn to write and sing a, I will freaking admit it, catchy song. Alas, she's still trying too hard.

John Corbett

This is really trailing off but, remember when Corbett was like, "I'm quitting this bitch!", and ran away from Hollywood to reemerge as a country singer? I have not heard any of his music, but really, who wants to see him be a singer? He is back on television and the big screen where that face belongs. (Also, that is really his album cover, I love it).

There is so many more, but for right now my mind is blanking. Go enjoy some good music.

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