Saturday, September 11, 2010

Film Fest A Go-Go

Movie festivals are happening every week it seems! The BBC reported this morning the top prize winners at this years Venice International Film Festival. One, sort of, surprise to me is that Sofia Coppola received the biggest award (The Golden Lion) for her latest film, Somewhere.

When I saw the trailer several months ago it looked interesting to me, though others in the more esteemed film community seemed to have the opposite reaction. 

Coppola's last film, Marie Antoinette, is considered to many a low point in her career and was even booed during its premier at the Cannes Film Festival. Marie Antoinette is not as bad as people make it seem (I happen to love it) and in a "duh" statement: why wouldn't the french boo that movie?

So, does this latest praise mean Coppola will once again be nominated for Best Director at the Oscars? As a fan of hers, I can only hope.

Move over Venice, it's time for Toronto.

The Toronto International Film Festival just began, and is running from September 9th-19th.  Featuring 246 movies in it's 35th year means that the summer-o-crap is over and there are a lot of exciting things that will be coming out in the cineplexes soon.

So what variety of movies are our neighbors to the north enjoying in the next week? 

Toronto has become one of the best places to determine what great movies to see in the upcoming months. There are MANY that I am excited about, here are the ones that I am interested in seeing, but could also find trailers for:

Black Swan

I have only seen two Darren Aronofsky movies (The Wrestler, and Requiem For A Dream), but what I have seen is amazing. Plus, a lifer Winona Ryder fan, so it's always great to see her back to work.

127 Hours

This real life story terrified the world (and mostly me) and as a movie, lets see if I can make it through okay.


Hilary Swank! She's not my favorite actress, but I do think she's talented and has a couple incredible movies (p.s. just so you know, I liked Amelia). Plus (shoutout!)we grew up in the same city. Respect.


It goes without saying, but whenever Clint Eastwood releases a movie it is worth a watch.

Its Kind Of A Funny Story

United States Of Tara introduced me to Keir Gilchrist, who stars in this comedy set in a mental ward. With Zach Galifianakis, Emma Roberts, Jeremy Davies (still in full Daniel Faraday mode), and many more this looks like it will be very entertaining.

Let Me In

After just watching Let The Right One In, the original film that Let Me In is based on, I am going to be a pompous foreign film watcher and say you should watch the original first.

Never Let Me Go

I talked about this movie, several months ago. It's still the movie I am most anxiously waiting to see.

I couldn't find a legit trailer for these, but I think they sound like winners just by the plot description: 

The Kings Speech, The Town, Super, The Ward, Whats Wrong With Virginia, Everything Must Go, Beginners, Blue Valentine.

There are so many more, but I had to just stop! For a full list of screening films Click Here.

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