Sunday, September 26, 2010

Northwest Music Scene: "Shout It Out"

Hello, my name is Justine, and I am a Hanson addict.

To say this out loud would completely astonish my 4th grade self, so much so she may even try to slap me.

But oh how the times have changed. Just as I have grown older, the Hanson brothers have evolved over their 13 years in show biz.  

Their latest album, Shout It Out, shows their continuing evolution into becoming older more seasoned performers. This soulful, rock-pop, album kept me company in the car during the summer and only made me anticipate seeing them in concert for months. Last Thursday, all the excitement came to its finale, live at The Moore Theater in Seattle.

Having never ventured to a real life boy band concert in middle school (when it was in its cultural peak), the deaf inducing screaming that occurred once the boys entered the stage is astonishing to experience (and also surprising that I was one of the screaming maniacs). I saw Hanson two years ago, so I knew what to expect and it is still hilariously fun to partake in at the ripe old age of 23.

Mostly crowded full of female devotees my age and younger,  there were also several men that were obviously unwillingly dragged their by their wives/girlfriends. My favorite was the man sitting directly in front of me who was either plugging his ears or frantically updating Facebook to alert everyone that he was sitting through an "f-ing" Hanson concert right now, while his lady friend was bopping along right next to him (Yes, I was snooping, but it was dark and his iPhone screen was so obviously bright and I couldn't resist.)
Also, shout out to the elderly, sequined outfit wearing ladies, sitting front row center of the balcony! You made my day.

Playing possibly the best combination of old and new material that I have witnessed at a live show, Hanson worked their straight two hour set.

Several tours, including their last stop in Seattle that I went to, were exclusively acoustic. Putting away the electric guitar and drum kit, the brothers moved to the front of the stage and did numerous acoustic numbers, including this classic. 

If you do not own Shout It Out, or any Hanson CD I suggest you change that as soon as you can run out and order some tunes, because your collection and life are missing out. This is coming from someone who thought they were "too cool" for them. Don't be that guy who sat on his iPhone during a concert and have some fun instead.

(P.S. We took The Walk again at their stop in Seattle. Have you?)

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