Friday, October 8, 2010

Antidote to Crazy

In Washington we were all lucky enough to have a rest for two blissful years, but everyone it's back; election time. Yes, the midterm elections are upon all of us and in today's world cue a whole bunch of drama (I'm talkin' to you Patty Murry and Dino Rossi).

Every state has their own democratic vs republican vs tea party (say, what?) brouhaha arising right now. The big questions is; how can anyone possibly enjoy a nice nightly viewing of everyone's favorite trivia show, Jeopardy, when each commercial break is filled with those ridiculous, don't say anything, rambling political ads? Several times this week I have wanted to just toss the ole TV out on the corner, but obviously I restrained myself.

Civic duties, like voting, always get me, so I take it seriously. As in, I want to understand what the crap people are trying to do to the world. But really, it's hard enough to figure out what these bills and senate candidates are trying to actually say without those ads trying to seduce us with their intrigue. They need to be outlawed.

Is there anyone out there who sorts through all of this and makes an election year palatable? You should  know the answer to this, but for all of you that have not fallen in love, his name is Jon Stewart.  In September he announced his Rally To Restore Sanity, which is only one of the greatest ideas for a movement, well, ever.

In this hilarious video from a recent episode of The Daily Show, we see that the epic battle of Western Washington vs Eastern Washington is hardly comparable to the problems of people in Delaware. Also, Christine McDonald's a witch? Yeah, this country needs its sanity back.

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I salute you Mr. Stewart, for keeping us smart, honest, and most importantly, funny.

From Washington and care about the issues? Check out this guide before voting on November 2nd!

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